When can I register the domain?

I want to register a domain,but the domain is taken.the domain’s expiration date is 16 Dec 2009.When can I register it?

You can register it as soon as it expires. Pray that the person who currently has it will forget to re-register.

If the owner of the domain renew the domain then there is no chance to register the domain. However, if he fails to renew the domain then it will go into redemption period and further if still the owner does not renew then it goes into the pending deletion status then after there will be a chance to register a domain if the registrar release the domain.

However, you can contact the owner of the domain if you would like to register the particular domain.

It all depends upon Registrar concerned. Deletion time and then cleaning of registry varies from registrar to registrar. You have to wait approximatelly 40 days after the actual expiry date or so.

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It is already expired for now. Now you need to wait 30 days. But be attentive. there are a lot of people which might hunt for the same domain name.

If it is good domain name there are very little chance to grab it because many people might have backordered it, you could try out services like snapenames/pool.com if it really worth to you.

Better not to expose your domain name to all these websites which are handling backorders and so. Once they wiill get the name, domain name is almost gone out of your hands. Take care.

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You can always use a service from a site like godaddy or another similar site and backorder the domain name, there is a chance that you won’t get it though.

the domain is locked.What’s it mean?

It is locked against unauthorized transfers. You can unlock it in your control panel on the domain name registrar.

How long can I keep the domain?As long as I renew it?or at most 10 years?what after 10 years?
Can my domain 175games.com.cn transfer to registar like name.com?

  1. As long as you renew it.
  2. Depends upon the registrar whether he is authorised for this or not.

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I still can’t register the domain.It has expired 40 days now.How long should I wait?