Finding Out the Expiration Date of Domain Registration

How do I find out the registration expiration date of a domain that’s being squatted by someone else? I want to buy a domain from but I’m wondering if the registration of the domain will expire soon (if at all) so that I can buy it.

If you look up the domain name in WHOIS, look at expiration date.


use domaintools for that
Also that should be mentored in the domain names list with your domain name registrar. BTW which one you are with?

Check this link to get all info about a domain

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Just looking at the whois expiration date will not tell you when the domain will be available.

Once a domain has expired it goes through a redemption period before it is returned to the database to allow people to register it again. Also if it is being used or gets traffic there is a high chance it will be picked up by a drop catcher.

More likely in that instance is that the current owner will renew the domain for a further period so that it never actually expires.

Yup. And considering it’s BuyDomains that’s involved here, the likelihood of it
happening is essentially little to none.

Yes - I figured that. My current domain is registered w/ Yahoo!. But I’ve given up on trying to register the domain I want once it expires (it expires next April). I’ll probably have to buy it from BuyDomains. I contacted them for a quote a couple of times a while back. Do you think there’s ANY chance they MAY not re-register the domain again?

As long as they renew it, they won’t have to re-register it.

First off, it may not be being squatted. are in the business of selling domains and they may be willing to sell the domain for a price. They tend not to let domains drop so you may be waiting a long time for it to drop.


I understand. I have to figure out if it makes sense for me to buy a .com to replace my .net. Once I figure that out, I can approach them with a price (they gave me a quote a while ago0. I just don’t think it’s fair for them to hold on to a domain that they do not intend on using for themselves (except to sell off for a profit) - but that’s a whole other debate. Ecommerce World is a complicated land. It’s a jungle out there.

The market for domain names has changed a lot over the last year or so and it might be worth asking for new quote. If it is a valuable generic term in .com, the price may be still high. The domain business is all about profit. Unless the domain in question is a trademark term, there is very little to stop anyone speculating in com/net/org/etc.


That is not good ide to bu the domain name to replace with. I suppose that is better to by that in addition to existing one you have

i think some host site sent you email about this, can you ask may be he can let you know