Is Social Media Paid Marketing ads Good?

Targeting the US country with business people, shall we go ahead with paid marketing? Can we expect the leads?

Depends on product - should say
For personal experience, it was absolutely zero for our business which sell cars as could not register any incremental volumes
But, as a feedback - there are couple of our references n friends who have an online store - it turned well to them

So again - depends on one business model

yeah, my business model is a software solution, IT consulting services… do u have any experience of this field.?

Advertising on Facebook gets a bad rap. I’ve used it so far to attract fans to a Facebook Page, not to convert directly into buyers on a site. I think it’s a good tool for that. It cost me from 30 cents to a dollar for a new fan using this approach, depending on the target market and the ad.
I would go about creating a pro Facebook page first before investing in Facebook ads.

In Social Media many sites offers you paid marketing but there are very few site who have good numbers of Genuine visitors So its necessary for you to pick right Website for Social Media Paid marketing. And if its question about the leads then its depends but it almost works as i have tried Facebook ad Campaign and really its working, i’m good numbers of Public reaches and good numbers of targeted audience into my Page. So here i can say that you may go for The same.

yes , there lots of sites that paid very good for marketing ads, Facebook and Google are one of them that can paid very good amount …In spite of them there are also other sites such Adsense,Bidveritser,Textlink ads,CJ ,Clicksor.

Social media ads are on the rise, however you cannot rely on them for promotion of every genre of products. For instance you want to market a machinery or equipment, you cannot display ads on facebook. Social media ads are good enough for only healthcare, lifestyle, and technology products.

Yes you can get your desired lead here because their are very selected website owners which go with paid techniques so you can target genuine audience here.

I think social media works when you can complete the sale on the actual social site directly. Its a lot harder to take customers away from the network to complete a transaction. It must be nice for a site like Facebook to charge for advertisements and then send the paid clicks back to its network.

ya its best idea for genuine and targeted leads with desirable results…

I cannot be 100% sure, but our experience wasn’t so good.