How do you rate the Facebook ads?

So who all have tried hands on the Facebook ads? I am yet to hear about a successful FB ad campaign. Potentially, it can be do wonders but does it really help?

I have some experience. I think it is quite useful, you can configure your campaign and target people with interests relevant to your business. Also unlike most of the paid services offered from third party companies, Facebook ads can brink page followers that will actually stay.

I have experience of fb ads and google ads. I rate google ads higher than fb ads because my conversion from google ads is almost double than fb ads.

What you heard is true as long as you partition your funds right.
You start off big with using big budget spending on the initial ads then taper down. Be consistent though.

I’ve to say I’d rather focus on Google and Google ads more than on FB.

it’s okay for getting likes and fans, but come to sales, Retargeting on Facebook works the same as other retargeting. It’s a cost-effective way to market to potential customers who have been to my site but did not make a purchase.

Search ads usually trumps all the other traffic channels when it comes to driving leads and conversions. However, over the past month, Facebook Ads outperformed search ads in 2 of my lead generation campaigns and one of it is for a high ticket laptop.

The lesson I learned is not to dismiss any traffic channel until you have tried it out in promoting a product or service. Facebook may bring success if you are trying to reach out to a specific audience by gender, level of education, workplace or age; Google search, on the other hand, allows you to mine low hanging fruits (people who are already seeking for products or services that you offer).

So far, for most of my campaigns, I am definitely seeing more conversions coming from Facebook than from Google Display Network.

I have a great ROI from using them

I would rate it D. FB ad brings you traffic that`is very hard to convert into real customers. People just like and visit your FB page. They do not visit your site. They do not buy.

Yes indeed Facebook is itself a large social networking site that offers a medium for acquiring a large numbers of audience through single sharing. The Facebook ads campaign does really help in promotion of your posts, pages on Facebook. With paid campaign Facebook tries to highlight the maximum reach of your audience through the paid campaign. I have been using paid campaign for many websites, products & services of my own & even for my clients & it really works.

FB ads can be very effective for B2C business, while B2B gets more using Linkedin.

Its always depends upon your products and customers, But in case If you are targeting B2B customers. Facebook paid campaign will not help you in that much extent…

Facebook ad is really effective for conversion of leads with its popularity in the market. It’s always depends upon your products and customers Many people in the world explore these kinds of ads in Facebook. Facebooks ads are good for PPC.