Social Media

Which social media site is a good fit to post paid adds for an ecommerce website.??

Are you talking about buying ads?

For me facebook is the best social media site for ecommerce website as there the traffic is genuine.

Yeah, I want to place paid adds.

Moving this to the marketing forum…

Obviously the bulk of social activity is on Facebook so that’s where the bulk of ads go. Twitter also has a self-service platform which makes it far more accessible now than even earlier this year and of course just about any forum or other network will take your money as well although generally on a more traditional / cpm basis.

What’s important is of course to understand the dynamic of a social user versus someone in an intent stage. You can run ads to your site. Those ads can get clicks. Those clicks can turn into some orders. But that’s forcing someone well out of their intended path and into something they are probably not considering or ready for; you can find a return but will do better to use social ads for social purposes.

As my today, two social media sites
Facebook and Twitter are most popular.
You can use Facebook.

I will prefer facebook for post paid adds. Facebook is most popular social media which is used by 2 billion people globally. I suppose facebook has many benefits in promoting your business and also for posting ads. I am one of the person who rely on the ads posted in the facebook few times.