Paid Links - Good or Bad

Paid Links are good or Bad for a Shopping site?

Personally I refrain from any link buying schemes. It is definitely against Googles TOS. And they do have their mechanism to detect and deal with paid links. Here are some resources:

Why Buying Links is NOT a Good SEO Practice

Official Google Webmaster Central:Information about buying and selling links that pass PageRank

But with most things, the trick here is modesty and balance. Dont just solely rely on paid links or selling links because that it a very poor (long-term) strategy and will most likely bite you in the behind.

If advertising were bad then no one would advertise - all paid links are is a form of advertising.

Nods in agreement and wonders how someone advertising SEO services in their sig would have a question about paid backlinks.


Wow, never knew Google was so protective on how it distributes its PR !
I’ll certainly use nofollow when I sell links, although I don’t think advertisers will be that interested anymore…

Are you buying links or selling them? Both of them have consequences; good and bad.


If you get caught by google for purchasing links then it is bad regardless of the type of website. Google hasn’t gone on a witch hunt for a few years now, but if they decided to start penalizing sites for purchasing links again, just know you may be on the chopping block.

Well, based on my experience, paid links are rarely useful unless you have a steady stream of interesting content coming in that can retain your visitors, otherwise you are just paying additional cost for traffic that dont stay with your site.

Maybe you can try link exchanges? The traffic is more stable and less volatile.

If it’s for SEO, then be sure to buy only manually set up, organic links.

I don’t think it is wrong to buy backlinks but It is not always worth it. It is best to think 10 times about it before paying someone for a link.

For what purpose? Traffic or SEO?

There’s nothing wrong with sponsoring a link to get people to your site… that’s effectively what banner, search and most other paid media is about. If the link delivers enough traffic to deliver the cost it’s a winner. But if you’re buying links to try and influence organic results you should stay far, far away.

If you are selling links on your site that just means that you are leading traffic that you earned to your site to another site. That doesn’t make much sense if you are selling a product on your site.

If Google think you’re selling a link for PR (for better rankings in the search engines) then they might reduce the PR shown on the toolbar PR for your site. I don’t think your site would suffer in the rankings (I’ve not heard that that’s the case), but the visible reduction in PR would be a deterrent to would be buyers of links from your site. So if your business was selling links for PR from your site, then your business goes down the toilet.

Google recommend that if you sell links, then you put the nofollow attribute on them. Or they’ll send some guy with a scythe round.

I’m sorry if it’s a stupid question, but what bad consequence would selling a link on my website be ?

Paid links are good for short time coz these links are not permanent links after some time these links are expired and its not good for your site.