Is Snapchat considered a social media platform?

is snapchat going to be the next hit for advertising through social media , In my point of view its really easy to go viral using snapchat but my question here why dont companies using snap chat when they conduct a campaign on social media ?

In my experience, SnapChat isn’t a particularly useful medium for businesses. Most users of SnapChat use it as a disposable image-messaging type service. The few who gain any kind of following to their “story” are doing so with really funny, or really engaging content. Most businesses don’t have the constant activity required to facilitate this, and I doubt that most businesses would be comfortable with employees regularly sending snaps out that would vanish, unable to be later reviewed.

Most businesses want more than a fleeting impression - they want posts, articles, etc that will last for longer than that. Twitter is the most borderline thing there, but even that has a history.

That’s just my opinion, though - I’m sure there are people who would disagree.

Snap chat is a mobile app and is an entertainment for teenagers which cant be used for business purpose and also more recent research has showed that most of its users use the app to send funny content And also the Snap picture will be available for a set time limit, from 1 to 10 seconds After that it will be deleted so it is own of the major drawback for using in social marketing .