Any successful snapchat advertising examples?

I’m working on a deck for a new client. I’m trying to pitch them vine and snapchat as new social media channels to consider. Any of you guys heard of any cool examples?

I like the wildlife fund one, myself. I don’t use snapchat for business yet, although perhaps I should. It seems like the transient nature of the photos would make a great platform for things that are more short-term concerns in a business, ie. giveaways, job listings, one-time events, etc. Then have a variety of photos that can push that idea/information through & find a much wider audience for a short period of time. It’s much less intrusive. Like I said, though, I’ve never tried this out…so it’s just an idea. I hope you have success with whatever you do. If you find a way that seems to work, let us know!

Yes there are many more examples of snapchat advertising examples follow this link

@MashUp Have you found any success incorporating Snapchat into the ad campaign you were working on?

it depends with your target population i would think snapchat would work if your market segment is the younger generation since they use it more