Social Media Marketing Strategies are SPAM?

Some other says that the Social Media Marketing Strategies makes the Facebook environment and all other social networking platforms get spammed? Can you prove to me that this thought was wrong? Thanks.

There’s a lot you could say to this but sufficient to say that when you make a blanket generalization it’s going to be inaccurate for many cases. Social marketing can be relevant or spammy, it just depends on what you’re doing.

I don’t think social media marketing is spammy. You would always want to promote your business on Facebook and twitter where you can interact with as many potential businessmen and customers as you want. The significance of such giant platforms contracts to worthless chatting and gossiping otherwise. Marketing is way far meaningful than this.

Huh? Most users are on social primarily to talk [or gossip as you say] with their friends. As I indicated before, I don’t believe brand interactions have to be “spammy” but being marketed at is certainly not why people log on to Facebook or Twitter.

But that’s not why people use Facebook and Twitter. You didn’t join either of these because you thought “Gee, where are all the businesses?! I’m desperate for someone to start selling me something!”

I want everyone to take note at this, because this is exactly the kind of mentality that will guarantee failure in social media. This statement is so wrong that it is dangerous.

May be its rumor news, i wont thing social media is not a spammy. how I’m told with sure, before a 6 month back i was read one article about Google, the Google will asked for get the recent news from facebook. but they wont allowing to crawl. after that only they have plan to launch Social network site Google+.

Social media marketing is not a spamming way, this is the best way to get traffic and to make your site a brand.

Guys… Please take note about this one… This is the thing I wanted to say, that’s why I started asking this one. I always ignore and report those user that markets their business to me. Please stand to the fact that social media is the newest way to interact or contact our loved ones and to be more private. If we want to buy something or do anything else I think It’s better to check it in some other site that offers that kind of business not in Facebook or Twitter… Please?

That depends on you and what you want.

Most people use social primarily to talk to friends but that doesn’t mean they can’t also associate with a company they frequent, get help with a new purchase, advocate a favorite to their lists, etc… There’s no reason it has to be all one or the other.

First of all, what evidence do you have to suggest that social media is the best way to get traffic? In my somewhat qualified opinion few people get any benefit from social media, especially those who don’t really understand what they are doing with it.

Secondly, if you believe that social media makes your site a brand then you need to give up now and learn something about brands, marketing and business in general. Social media is a tiny, tiny spec on the great wall that is marketing.

Ted S is right in that you can have a social media presence, but it’s all about how you interact with people. Often people are far too aggressive in how they promote their websites and all they end up doing is alienating themselves and ruining their reputation. There’s nothing worse than getting endless messages from web design agencies on Twitter who claim on their sites to be “social media experts”.

Both had a point. Now the marketers must target the field they wanted to be in, so that it wouldn’t be that annoying for other people.

I’m still not following your root argument… There’s no rule that marketing must be annoying.

I’m not saying that it’s a rule that marketing must be annoying. I’m just saying that some persons like me, gets annoyed every time we/me/I encounter some marketers that tries to strained their products to me, that I’m not interested to. Well, to end up this one, I guess i must ignore those marketers.

Determining whether social media is being used in a spammy way is as simple as looking at how it’s actually being used. If the account is used to tag a lot of random people in an image, or maybe used as something that will send the same marketing messages to a lot of random people, then one can look at it as spammy. Take note: random. I didn’t mention that they should be similar in some way.

It’s cool if you’re going to use social media for your marketing endeavors. You just have to use it in such a way that the people would think of you as a real person, and not some social media bot who just copies and sends marketing messages to a lot of people. In the first place, social media’s supposed to be something that will help people communicate with each other. It’s not primarily for advertisements.

I don’t think social media marketing strategies are spam. In fact, it is social media marketing which helps online marketers and businessmen to pitch their products or services in a more interactive and human way. People visit social networking sites to get personal rather than be bombarded by advertisements. It may often look like spam. To avoid such a situation you can discuss your business in a more fun and interactive manner. Engage your customers by asking questions. Ask their opinion and entice them to respond back. In this way, you can connect with your clients which will help grow your numbers of online customers. :slight_smile:

It depends on how we use a platform for marketing purpose.

We all know that when we get a chance to play around, we use its maximum potential and utilize vulgarly. So one day facebook itself will feel about this spammy stuffs and will take necessary actions :slight_smile:

There’s definitely a fine line between spamming and adding value to your community at a Social Networking site.

I think it’s a continual process to get it all right, but asking your group of friends on these sites what they’d like to see or help they’d like to get goes a long way.

Though some people are making wrong use of social sites, most are using it for a genuine purpose that is for marketing their businesses. Some ways of avoiding spams are dislike those shares who seem to be spam. They will automatically stop posting spams when they will get a huge amount of dislikes or negative comments for their brands.

That is if your sole plan is to advertise. In order to make a symbiotic relationship between the site and your business, make everything humane, interact well and contribute. Just tap your business every time. You can also make use of cause marketing. That is the right marketing strategy for social media advertisements.

If you are using an personal social media account to advertise then to some people it could be classified as spam. Although if it is an account set up for your select business or website then it is not really spam. Social media is a good way to get hold of members and it is becoming more and more used, therefore it does create more spam (the same as joining forums for do follow links in signatures has). Some people do it and end up spamming, others don’t. It is just something you have to do correctly and using an account for the business then it is not spam in my opinion.