Are Social Media websites still "Social"

Is Social media website are they still social for the entire web or just social for webmasters, if you been trying to market your website threw the social media
this is something that must have ran threw your mind, are these methods still useful? give me your opinion.

What a great question…

I’d say we’re in the early stages of what many call the “age of the customer” as people are just starting to understand what it means to be the ones in control [most companies are even further away]. Social has just started.

However there is a major issue that you see from the largest brands down to the individual webmaster talking here at Site Point and that’s the attempt to use the this bold new method as a traditional channel. Every time you see a company telling people to “like” them to get offers and discounts, but never interacting, it’s not social. Every time you see a twitter account that has 90% broadcast posts, that’s not social. Every time you see a webmaster asking how many backlinks they get from doing social, it’s not social.

This becomes clear when you see the term “social media”. As a buzz word it’s just fine but the word media has no business being attached to social.

Social is not a replacement to “advertising” or “marketing” because it’s not a tactic, it’s an approach. Your company doesn’t “do social”, your company changes how it does business to reflect a relationship with the customer. It doesn’t live in marketing because marketing is not the expert, marketing is not the touchpoint, but rather marketing is responsible for educating the organization on how to open up and use engagement to actually effect service and product so.

So long as people measure in how many fans they can collect and how many impressions they’ll drive, the opportunity is going to be missed. Social has a clear impact on business with many ways to quantify the importance but it’s not in seeing if you can get a cheaper impression than TV.

Well, these days many peoples using social sites. But this is not confirm that most of the webmaster using this.

While it’s true that there are a lot of people using social media today, it doesn’t translate that those people are all your customers if you’re using social media as a means of promoting your business. It’s still useful in such a way that it keeps a door open for everyone to communicate with each other. Old school advertising does it that way. As Ted mentioned, if it’s going to be used by businesses to just promote their business without interacting with the people, it’s going to be useless.

The network of social media increases day by day…but there are many things which affect there socialism people uses these sites for false purpose and many things …

Big Applause for you for raising a brainstorming question. In my opinion, mostly webmasters are abusing the social media websites. They don’t care about someone’s privacy and post anything on someone’s inbox and wall. There are some ethics which webmasters should follow. However, in short, I would say be social like you are in your real life.

The purpose of social media is to make people conect with each other and share things etc. But since Brands realized how cheaper is advertising in a social media website than TV or Radio, they have changed the social media meaning…

Lately social media sites have been abused by small businesses. They just want to get their
companies out there, forgetting that they still have to socialize on Facebook, Twitter, and forum
boards. So it should be a mix. A balance between promoting the business and interacting with the
other members at the same time.

I agree! because some companies just have FB, twt, etc and they don’t do anything.

The most important thing to remember about a social approach to marketing is that it can work both ways: it can either help or hurt your business. Usually, if you are just starting out a business and do have occasional hiccups in your field, it is very likely that you will develop a negative or neutral social standing on yelp, facebook, twitter, etc. People are a lot more eager to complain than to praise and it’s very difficult to correct/improve.

It’s incredibly important though nowadays. Businesses are left stranded and slowly lose market share if they choose to opt out of social media or are too lazy to keep up with complaints, praise, or even conversations. When it comes to marketing though, activity is important regardless of the tactic you choose for you campaign. If you just create accounts and don’t do anything with them, then it may do more harm than good (if you don’t moderate abusers that bash your company/website!).

Many people say it is social and popular.I also try to use more to build links .I don’t know whether it is effective .

Good question. I think it’s important to note that brand interaction in social media networks almost always has to do with interest. Likes, follows, etc, refer to interest. It is important for brands to engage with users on the personal level. For those reasons, brands that market in a “social media friendly” way best promote their brand by growing the interests and relationships of their followers. Polls, questions, forums, discounts, etc. are all designed as ways of fostering the brand’s relationship with users who have sought them out. It could be argued that pro-active means of gaining followers by advertising, viral-marketing, etc… goes against this principle of interest. However, the ends will always justify the means in advertising.

I’m very curious where that poster got the idea that it was just small businesses are abusing social media. The company I work for markets itself to SMBs, and I don’t think many of them actively use social media enough to “abuse” it. Most small business owners are fairly busy running their companies in today’s difficult economy and not posting on Facebook and Twitter all the time. What’s her definition of a small business? Here in the U.S., the Small Business Administration generally caps it at 500 employees, but most use the term for much smaller companies…mom and pop organizations, start-ups, etc.

Yeah for these are still social and used as the purpose of social use … but now a day people are making huge businesses on them too and many other effective things are also done by people there on social sites.

the socia medai has become a tool in promoting website , i think whole seo world knows this thing and are really using it in good effect.

Have you ever thought of using social media sites to promote your business or website? Ask me! Social media marketing has helped me a lot in gaining traffic towards my company website. Yes! social media sites are creating wonders in the field of online business. Think of using social media marketing for your website promotion. It works!

What does any of this have to do with answering the question under discussion, which is, “Are Social Media Sites Still Social?”

Awesome question indeed, well, i don’t think that social media sites are now limited to only socializing, now they have taken a new meaning and expanded themselves from not only helping users to connect with their old friends but also helping them to connect with their favorite brands and celebrities.

TRUE. Some people just drop their links anywhere, even in groups, without thinking that they’re annoying users already.

In context to Facebook and Twitter, I would say no, Social media isn’t remain social now. Businessman, Webmasters SEO and Promoters are using social media giants as a marketing tool and branding. They become the means to find prospective customers for the business.

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