Is online is the good option to learn about SEO....?

Hello guys

Please give me your suggestion as soon as possible…because i want to learn SEO…

You could start by heading to out Internet Marketing forum, and read the threads there. Be aware that it could be kind of hard to understand what advise is good, and what’s not.

Yes you can learn online SEO in a good way as there are more than one experts to tech you… every time you click you can get learnd same step with different expects, angles and point of view. so that you can learn more widly

there are several sites to learn SEO in online like seo-moz, search ecgine land, matt cutt blogs( google webspam head),etc. it is upto yours.

Yes, off course, Internet is good for learning anything. SEO Moz provides beginner’s guide for SEO you should follow that. You can also find many e-books.

This is another good resource (of ours).

Internet is good for practice but you need to follow the instruction. learning is not only process.

I’m afraid I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

in my opinion the online learn at all fields is the future but you need to learn with pro if you mean from the forums and videos site it will help but you will need more organized source .
good luck

Reading about it online is only half the battle. Putting it into practice is where you really begin learning it. It is kind of do this, try that kind of process.

Yes there are so many ways to learn seo online you can see online tutorials on youtube and also make a website and practice on website and practice make it better.

I think the problem with forums - unlike NOfollow forums, is that people seem to just post for the sake of it. So your starting point would be a forum such as this, where there is no benefit to someone responding to you apart from offering sound advice. I have learned a lot on this site, also V7N is the same, as the moderators are very hot, whereas if you go to a forum like serppoint or siteownersforum - these are really spammy.

I think it is simply a matter of reading and reading and reading google until your brain is close to exploding - you’ll hear some bull… But the majority of people who BLOG, offer great advice - aswell as great source of where to get your backlinks from to start off with!

I really like your question.
cause a little time ago… i have the same question too… the answer is simple… yes…
too many option for this… online video tutorial ,read more and more about seo and joining the good community and discuss your issue with the pros…

SEO can be learnt only though online. I also learn it online and I think now I am perfect in it. It will take some time. One important thing, just practice what ever you learn.

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Time to close the thread, I think. Thanks to all who contributed.