Were can i learn SEO Techniques

i want to learn SEO techniques can some some experts guide me . I am a hardworking and dedicated person bend on learning the tips and tricks of becoming a successful optimizer.

Please help me

check the below website it will help you

Just browse through the SEO section of this forum.
You will learn all the basic and advanced SEO techniques for yourself.

Thank you for the reply

Hope I will be able to learn fast and use it on my site

This is it exactly.

You need to read, read, and read.

You can read many articles on seo in hubpages, as well as successful blogs. After all, without seo knowledge, those blogs cannot survive for long.

Read seo articles, ask questions to fellow webmasters. And most of all test them on websites.

I think you should get to know axandra’s internet business promotor , optimize your page get a 20 page result page , print it and inspect , by the time youre done you will know enough to get started.

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the best was to learn is to take a week out to study the methods discussed on this site. Focus on keywords, on page search engine optimisation, back link building stratgies, do following blogging and forum posting, press releases, article marketing, meta tags.

SEO is broad. If you want to know about SEO, you should keep on participating in a webmaster forums that has an SEO thread. Then read and read till you get knowledge in SEO. Also trust those post of guru or SEO specialist and put in it practice then observed it :smiley:

Or you can go to amazon to buy some seo books.

Why not learn it from the biggest search engine? they have a free starter guide for SEO anyways… I doubt that a lot of SEO has read it…

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blogs, forums and article place an important role to learn SEO techniques, newsletter, feeds and webmaster center also also give knowledge on SEO


Check out this website it might help you

Read article, forums, blogs.

Before doing SEO you must know what have to been done and good for search engines and what not to be done and bad for search engines. Read the collective SEO article before you do start your SEO.
I suggest you to go through the SEO article given @ http://www.buildmylink.com/articles/index.php

Already many suggestions had been given i think so… Well you can look into Google web master tools also to know about SEO for google’s SERP.

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Before learning pls go through the below thread & document.

SitePoint SEO FAQ’s
SEO Starter Guide

I hope it’s very useful to you…

  • SEO is an ocean … Keep swimming sorry learning…

You dont need to go anywhere, just read all experts blogs online and implement it to your site. you can learn soon.

Thanks for your post, You can browse through the various section of the forum.You can also read articles related to SEO and website promotion:)