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I need to really get up to speed with SEO. I have gone through a video tutorial on Lynda.com. I learned a bit about white hat/black hat meta tags. I’ve set up Google Analytics for a website. I know that creating a blog is important for search engines to pick up your brand online. However, I need to get into this more in depth to provide a service. Right now, I can’t afford SitePoint’s SEO book. Does anyone know of any good online material (preferably video but written material will do), where I can master SEO?


Hey, I just thought of something. How about this forum? Yes, that will work!!! :wink:

What techniques are you doing now?

I’m starting out simple. Basically what I wrote about above.

Most SEO companies have their own blogs where you can read daily tips, or news, on SEO and on what you should and shouldn’t be doing. They can be a good place to start. Some of their tips tend to be quite basic too, so you’ll get a good grounding of advice from them.

I would like to say first learn all things by using some good blogs and forums then move for promotion work. For starting you can start submitting sitemaps in different search engines.

The real secret to SEO is that there aren’t any secrets. To rank well all you have to do is be the thing Google likes to give good rankings to, i.e Useful, because then you’ll get all the things that deserve high rankings, like good quality incoming backlinks.

If you can’t be genuinely useful then you’ll have to fake that stuff, not as easy.

Have you read the sticky called FAQ: Search engine optimization?

Basically you need to learn that content comes first - and SEO comes second. You should always remember to write content for visitors and not the search engines.

“You can’t master” SEO because its a process and is always changing - however, you can masters the tips that help you succeed with SEO - and how to manage things better.

You should read SEO blogs in order to remain updated with SEO.
There are many blogs i.e


You can easily found out more.

Hope this help :slight_smile:

First thing i would do is read the free SEO guide from google.
just google it, you will find out.

I think Google is best platform to learn things like this. You should have that mindset to find useful things from sea…

common sense mostly, but be aware blogging software produces duplicate content.

I have almost 900 links in to my site at the moment from one blog that missed this - I made ONE comment on their site. Spammers paradise, nuff said.

You can always search the net for good stuff. Especially if you want to learn new things. There are lots of SEO articles, SEO how-to’s and SEO 101 that can be searched from Google. If you read them all or even a few, (you just need to learn to pick the best sites) you will understand a big part of SEO.

go for the youtube videos of SEO beginner. that will be very helpful to you.

Google is best friend. Ask your questions & Google will solve them. You can watch Matt Cutt’s videos which provide a good explanation about ranking well in Google & other search engines.

I’d take a look at this: SEO: The Free Beginner’s Guide From SEOmoz

Hi, First check with starter guide of Search Engine Optimization where you can find in google webmaster tools. First try to complete the full tutorial with that you’ll get some good idea.

Hey friend you can refer to seobook,in that u have to sign up and they will start sending you mails.That will help you to learn seo.

This is enough to get the OP going. Thank you all for your input.

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