SEO book?


I recently started developing my first professional website (before I was working as sysadmin), but I’ve been asked about managing this website SEO too, I was thinking about getting a book about SEO, but a friend of mine talk to me that’s not a good idea since SEO books get out fo date really soon and the best why is looking on the net, so what would you recommend me?

. Should I get a book? if yes, which one?
. Should I use the internet resources instead, if yes, what would you recommend me?
Many thanks in advance.

According to me buying a book and then reading it and them applying the strategies will take a lot of your time. You should start with simple link building and Article writing. Do link submission make a pool of quality back links for your site. You can easily find all the way to do these on internet. And they were not to tough to do in practical.

This is all great advice. SEO changes (minutely) daily, and morphs entirely over every few months.

You are in the right place. This and other forums are the best place to keep up with the changes. (Do you belong to any other forums? Digital Point and Warrior Forum come to mind.)

And for yourself, always be looking for the Next Big Thing. It’s a-comin’, you can be sure.

The art of seo is a great book but then you need to spend a lot of time reading threads on forums to get the most updated idea of where SEO has been going. SEO changes so often that you need to read daily to see anything different.

You can get bits and pieces from SEO sites and forums, but I really turned a conner in SEO when I just started reading books. It helped to get a panoramic view of SEO. Blogs and forums like this and others will help you to tighten up your overall knowledge and keep you in the know when it come to algorithm changes. The book that helped me the most is very much outdated, but was more of a visual learning book. The title - Search Engine Optimization - author Kristopher B. Jones and publisher - Wiley Publishing, Inc. Of course only purchase if it is a updated version.

I suggest you start with the basics.

SEO an Hour a Day.
Then move on to The Art of SEO.

Once you’ve read those, study blogs like SEOmoz and forums like SEOchat.

SEO isn’t something you can just dabble in without causing problems. You have to know what you are doing.

This is also a great book: “The Art os SEO”.


SEO Fast Start this book is very knowledgeable i also read this book and got result you should also try once.

I forgot to add one thing - I guess, the best facet of the ‘Art of SEO’ book is that it tells you how to set up templates for analysis. While many of the online resources will tell you how you need them to set up spreadsheets, learn analysis, etc., this book shows you how to conduct your own.

Definitely! Can’t go wrong with this one. It is well-written, very informative and perhaps the best selling point is - it’s not too dense.

It’s also cool because it includes lots of hypothetical examples (scenarios?) that are great, even if you ever end up using them.

Good luck!

What about that one?
SEO Made Simple: Strategies For Dominating The World’s Largest Search Engine (Volume 1)

Try SEO for Dummies. That’s one of the best and easier books to read.

No one knows search engine algorithm…Most of us written in seo things their practical success…each and everyone following different kind of methods and strategy…If u successfully getting page one ranking in SERP for high competitive keywords.You can write those methods and techniques…So books are just use for reference…

Reading book is good, but you can also use internet for getting vast info on SEO.

art of seo by oreily is a good seo book. blue print of seo too.

As you are new in seo.Then there are lots of ebooks are free for you.You may start with the google’s seo starter guide which is a free ebook provided by google.You can get it from google webmaster central blog.

I don’t think there’s any good books, learn from the net. Study the latest SEO from various internet sites and learn google analytics

It’s a good idea to learn from the web, but there is loads of bad advice out there that could do more harm than good. I should stick to more reputable sites such as SEOmoz and SEObook.

The Google Search Optimization Starter Guide is also very good for beginners.

Wow thanks I’ve been looking for a SEO book for a while now but just didn’t know what to look into. Now I know where to start off, I don’t think I dig SEO into an hour because I like to work 8 - 12 hours but I will be looking into The Art of SEO, hows that?

it pays to read, whether it is from a book or from the internet. books, especially e-books come in handy, but do not disregard the benefits in reading forums because not all books cover all the guides and tools, some are just shared through experience.