Is it possible to promote site without paying for marketing?

Not to mention location, which is a fairly heavy factor these days.

Indeed, yes. That’s why it can be handy to get someone somewhere else in the world to do the search as well. It’s amazing how different the result can be.

Is the private mode in Firefox helpful for that? Does Firefox act then as if no info was stored on the user side?

Massive differences. I found this out earlier in the year when others claimed my site wasn’t visible in the first few serps, whilst on my computer it came up #1.
Clearly, Google interpreted the large amount of searchers in my cache and the zero distance location as vitally important for my search. Downloades abnother browser, made sure I didn’t log in… gone was my site from the serps. :frowning:
Still good to though, even if it was bad news.

[font=verdana]What you have described is completely impossible, although there is a vaguely similar process happening.

Your browser can’t interpret or change the results in any way. Google sends a page of results, and that will be displayed by your browser as it was sent (give or take the usual caveats about cross-browser compatibility) … your browser can’t choose the move results up and down the page. Nor can Google access your browser’s cache, that would be a humongous security risk if it could!

What actually happens is that Google uses what it knows about you to adjust the results to be personalised to you. That only happens if you are logged into your Google account – it keeps a track of what you’ve searched for and what you’ve clicked on to build up its picture of you, and then uses that to prioritise results that it thinks will be of particular interest to you.[/font]

No it is the browser’s fault, Google would never do that, I trust them especially since their slogan is "Don’t be evil…

Google would never act as “Big Brother”, save my search results and present what they think I should see.

Google will always let the market dictate the most popular pages and never manipulate my search results for their own benefit.

Google has no need to construe the actual results because they have more than enough money…

or is that how they got all their money :slight_smile:

Now where is the “Tongue in cheek” smiley?

You can just wrap your comments in <sarcasm></sarcasm> tags. :lol:

Google became the dominant search engine by giving people the best results for their search query. By personalising the results, they are able to do that even better - using what they know about you, they give you the results that will be best for YOU - you can opt out if you want to, there’s nothing sinister going on, but most people will find this a helpful feature, which is why Google uses it.

I think in nowadays too difficult to always be on top of the SERP without investment in SEO. Too many competitors in the commercial niches with big budgets who want to eat you for breakfast. Still, you can increase the PR of your site with a natural build-up of links (and this is only possible with the outstanding ideas).

I was impressed when Google first broke into the search engine market. At the time the other leading search engine companies took forever to load on the old slow modems mostly because of the abundance of flashing adverts, promotions and other images. Google introduced a page without images and a single input box which loaded very, fast. Their search results were also just text and lacking in images helping the results to display rapidly which helped to soon become the leaders in their field. The WayBackMachine is interesting to see just how well they have increased their exposure.

Unfortunately they branched and now have paying advertising customers to keep happy. They utilised their databases to save individuals’ search requests and manipulate the actual results to achieve maximum returns.

I am aware that I can opt out but I do like the rapid response of the their targeted search results :slight_smile: I also think it would be nice to have an option to see the raw results.

Maybe that is a niche now… Plain, good, old, only text search engine? :slight_smile: And as simple as possible! :slight_smile:

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You can if you find a reason to give to your visitors to become promoter of your site.
Not simply asking them to share on social network… for what?
They need to have one or several good reason to do so, find it and state it clearly to every visitor who comes on your site.

Any specific ideas?

Don’t know, an affiliate program, some way to look cool or be helpful (not to you but to others) or to get something of value to them in general. It should be aimed towards them, the truth is no visitor cares about you, everybody care only about themselves and their close relationship, so you need to exploit that fact to your advantage.

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In my experience, social media sites are very good tools for free promotion. And if you’re willing to spend a little money, Facebook Ads can be highly targeted towards any audience. In short, yes - you can promote successfully for free, but even a small budget will give you more options to work with. :slight_smile:

sometimes, the best things in life is not always free. You have to lose some to gain some. Successful marketers invest a lot of money. And they get a double, triple, amount in return. That’s just how it works.

It is possible.
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OK, we’ve had some good answers but it seems like we’re just going round in circles now, so I’m closing the thread before it gets any worse…