How can I earn money off my blog if I don't want to put ads on it?

and I’m not selling anything?

Well I am glad to have you. You are a wealth of info.

Although I have been too lazy to do it, one of the best ways to make money is
through email lists / subscribers. The reason is because you can keep sending
subscribers new products, as long as they subscribe.

To get subscribers, you must have extremely good quality content. For me, I
like to focus my earnings on AdSense. I’ve always been more of an AdSense
guy. Don’t get me wrong, I promote affiliate products, but I find the more you
try to promote, the less you will do.

If you’re going to build lists, be ready to build for the long run. Since you’re
getting good traffic, you’d earn from AdSense instantly, compared to a list.
Then again, there’s no reason why you can’t do each.

Sorry. I have pretty much rambled on, but I really believe in choosing on a
few ‘make money’ strategies, and simply sticking with only a few.

And I know, the point of your post was to learn how to make money without putting
ads on your site. In that case, I can only think of email marketing. Paid reviews on
your site are technically ads, if you think about it. Think about when you watch a movie
and see a Pepsi can. That’s an ad… Just more blended. That’s all.

how do you make money with adsense? people click on them and you make money or people buy something and you make money or both?

Thanks for the replies. How come everyone replying is new?:confused:

regarding reviewing something…What if I give it a bad review?

Yes, thanks for the replies, very helpful. I am getting between 250 and 600 people a day. So it got me to thinking about how to take advantage of it. We’ve been up about six weeks.

For this one I will say that you need to provide your own service. If you hate the flashy ads and all that, you can put in-text ads for certain keywords of your choice. This option should create a good stream of revenue depending upon your traffic.

You could also sign up with You earn by reviewing products/services on your blog.

By making paid post in your blog.

You could put a Paypal donation button and ask them to chip in what they can to keep the site alive

You can get an email subscriber list through aWeber and use your subscriber list to put up good CPA offers or lead generation.

I just heard about these forums Lol. This Forum seems
to have a larger user base, and is actually one of the top sites on the web,
so I am guessing. Plus, think about how many people (with the economy the
way it is) are looking to start blogging or Internet Marketing. Know what I mean?

If you’re NEW to the internet game, you definitely need to be using AdSense
and Infolinks. They’re both PPC / Pay-Per-Click programs. That is, when
someone clicks an ad on your site, you make money.

AdSense displays ad blocks.
Infolinks displays intext ads.

AdSense is the best is PPC Contextual Advertising. Depending on your niche
you can get pretty good money, per click. I made $8.00 for one click once.
Usually, I average about .20 per click. Sometimes more. Health niches seem
to pay better.

Infolinks is intext advertising. Also seems to work quite well alongside with

After you begin earning with these programs, join Clickbank and Amazon
Affiliate. With Clickbank, you can promote Ebooks and Online products. With
Amazon, you get to promote ‘real’ products. Example: Protein powder. Tv.
Computers. Etc.

Both can make you a lot of money if you do them well.

What I tend to do is place AdSense on all of my sites, then simply add
Amazon or Clickbank to posts to try to make more money.

Even if your not selling or don’t want to go the ad route. You could talk about some sort of service you could possibly offer. For example, fixing computers. If you talked about it in a blog that attracted alot of traffic with regards to people looking up fixing computers then you could easily make money off your services diplayed.

There is one more way, I know lots of people in SEO industry that would pay you to put some anchor texts that leads to heir site.
So why not making “sponsored posts”.

Thank you. I forgot I posted this.

You have gotten a lot of great suggestions already. I kind of like the suggestion of doing sponsored posts. While you are showcasing an item, you are basically taking a picture of that item and then reviewing or mentioning it. This is better than the outright ads.

I also do some freelance writing on the side. While most of my sites do sell a product or have ads posted, my blog for my freelance writing is ad free. I basically post samples of my work and have a method of contact along with rates in case anyone is interested.

Good luck!

I can think at two.
Selling links and articles reviews, but if you think about its just another form of advertisement.

You may work with some paid blogging networks like pay per post.You have to make post in your blog about their advertiser and you will be paid for dat.

you can earn from your blog by rendering services… like promoting someone else’s website on your blog for compensation.

Well, I guess it would depend on your definition of an ad. Placing anchor text on your site leading to another site can get you money depending on the traffic you have.

Good question, Other than ads or product selling, you can review products and earn money. Freelance works, Content Writing at other blogs etc will provide you scope to baq cash$$