How shall I promote my affiliate links without a website and a blog on free platforms

I have joined some affiliate networks and is interested in promoting their products.How shall I do that without having my site or a blog.Keep in mind that I had wriiten some articles on my products which I am going to promote.

You’ll have to use other people’s websites and email lists.

Without a website you most likely won’t be able to buy advertising from Google.

But what you can do is use Youtube, squidoo,, etc and put articles and videos on these sites with a link to the affiliate program.

You can also buy advertising from Ezines and add your affiliate links in the email body as opposed to sending them to your website.

I recommend you get your own website though. You can do so much more and hosting is so cheap now.

You can promote your site in your signature of forum posts, so I’m guessing that you could advertise someone else’s products as well with an affiliate link. You may ask the forum administrators or read their rules before doing that. i always use my own website.

sitepoint rules do not allow affiliate links in sigs

blogger blog? youtube videos?

it looks like you have several blogger blogs, that’s a website, so it’s fine.

You dont want to use site and you’ve already written articles about what you want to promote, then I suggest using classifieds ads. is a good place to do so but you will find lots of such sites by doing a search for it on

Keep in mind in the TOS of many affiliate programs and some networks, you can only add links on sites you own and links on things like social networks and forums are not allowed.

All you can do is:

  1. Email people
  2. Article submissions inserting you affiliate link
  3. Make free blogs
  4. Post free classifieds
  5. Advertise on forums

Yes, you can do like other members have mentioned but it is very tough without having a website.