Is it good or bad?

Hi all,
I have my online job tips website. And I have a good number of email ids with me. I need to promote my websites new features through emails. Since email marketing is too costly, I planned to send it from my domain. I have the capability to send around 15000 emails per day. If I send 15000 emails per day from my domain using a script, then will it be anything like spamming?

it will depend whether your host allows this or not.
Secondly, there are all the chnaces to consider this as spam.

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Check your hosting provider’s Acceptable Use Policy. Chances are they would consider that many messages to be bulk emailing (=spam)

Pingpipe is right. Shared hosting is generally not designed for this type of usage. That many recipients almost guarantees that some will mark it as spam.

You’re better off looking either for email hosting (generally this can help get a certain deliverability guarantee), or get yourself a small cheap VPS and optimize it for this purpose.

I agree with the other posters: most hosts will consider this a breach of the usage policy, and most mail systems will end up blocking your email as spam.

If you need to send 15K mails every day, you’ll need to invest in either some higher-class hosting or in some sort of mail marketing (e.g. MailChimp or CampaignMonitor).

Be careful not to try it anyway, your domain might get blacklisted and it’s very difficult to get domains removed from blacklists.

believe me all emails sent from your side will be acknowledged as spam unless you keep signup as newsletter on your website.