Is this SPAM?


I recieved around 50 emails in the space of a couple of seconds from a disgruntled person to my companies email address. Is this considered SPAM? I did a whois lookup and it looks like the site the mail was sent from is hosted by an extremely large and cheap hosting company(I don’t think I need to mention their name). Is there anything I can do?


The hosting company will have a section on their website for reporting abuse. There’s probably no harm in reporting it there, the hosting company should be able to check the account to see whether or not it was being used for spam purposes.

Another option would be to ignore them and they will most probably go away.

  1. Constant sending a number of email per day. - Yeah I think it’s a spam.

Just be careful, it’s very easy to forge the “from” header of an email thereby the location and source of the email may not be what it appears to be. :slight_smile:

No I’m pretty sure he’s sending it to a couple of very senior people in the company. The mail are all the same and they give out about how the company is being run. The company has offices in Europe and the US.


I’d certainly consider it spam. Is this all coming from the same email address? If so, you should be able to block incoming mail from them or at least filter it straight to the trash can once it’s received.

My next step would probably be to contact their ISP or webhost and ask if they can assist with a user who’s abusing their system and harassing you via email.

Don’t know what country you’re in, but they may also be in violation of email spam laws and you might want to look into how to report an abuser.


P.S. Are you sure this is a person sending this email, and not just a malicious virus sending you crap and pretending to come from someone else?