How to Send Huge Emails In PHP Script

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How to send Bulk Emails using PHP Script. Please tell me.i have a requirement.

If any body Knows please tell me…

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So do all the budding spammers on this planet. You need to be more specific about your requirement.

Let’s be nice and don’t think that everyone is a spammer… some spammer don’t even realize that they’re spammers. Now they do indentify when they’re being spammed but when they do it… well, simply it is different becuase, of course,t they never had the intention to spam

I do agree with your second part… @madhu_patchala; you need to be more specific

For general purpose php mailing I make use of phpmailer

If you are just wanting to send a few hundred emails then setting up a cron job to send them out in small baches over several hours will work.

If you want to send thousands of emails then a dedicated email service will be needed.

I would say the limit is not as low as a few hundred emails. I’ve set up a mailing system for a client using a cron job and it takes about 20 minutes to send out 20,000 emails while the web site (a fairly busy online shop) is running at the same time. I don’t think there would be any problem sending 100,000 emails or even more in the same way. But he has a dedicated server so that is important. Emails are sent using Swiftmailer via SMTP account set up on the same server. The cron job runs every minute and works for 50 seconds sending as many messages as it can, then 10 seconds break and so on.

It would depend on the hosting provider. A lot of providers limit the number of emails that can be sent from the same account so as to avoid their hosting service being identified as spam. Something under 1000 emails per hour is typical of a number of providers and once the limit is reached any subsequent emails are simply discarded.

So either your hosting provider hasn’t implemented that type of spam protection or less than 5% of the emails you are sending are actually leaving the data centre.

For example here’s a link to Hostgator’s email policy which has a 500 email per domain limit for all accounts hosted with them even on dedicated hosting -

A lot of provides on shared servers limit how many numbers of emails can be sent per hour.
I had to send thousands of emails a day for a client (nationally known name brand), totally legit and was a sign up (opt out) to get a newsletter.

I used swiftmailer and had to get a dedicated server (that would get shut down if it was spam).
if you have a client like AARP and have a newsletter, you can’t send spam when you have thousands of subscribers.

When someone asks to send thousands of emails people automatically think spam but that is not always the case.
help people and not be negative.

Just my preference, but any form of bulk email such as newsletters and product/services even if they are not SPAM it runs to high a risk of someone - even who subscribed and promptly forgot - to report it as SPAM. Once this happens it can be next to impossible to remove the spammer status. It then becomes very important to understand how your host deals with spam reports. I save myself the headaches and outsource the email to a licensed service. It makes me focus my newsletters and plan better as it costs more not to do so.

Again this is just my preference but not the only way.


Not just your web host but your ISP can decide to shut you down as well - so how you send the emails doesn’t help in that type of situation.

I once had a recipient of a newsletter who received it in AOL clicked the spam button by mistake (it was right next to the save button at the time). Somehow my ISP several months later somehow associated that bogus spam report about a domain on my web hosting with me and decided to shut down my internet access for several hours as a warning to stop spamming. How they connected the spam report to my account with them and why they decided to take action three months after the spam report I don’t know. After I tracked down what had happened I immediately switched to a different ISP. My hosting stayed where it was for several years after that before I decided to move it for a totally different reason but I have never accepted AOL email addresses on any mailing list since then.

If you use an email service then you are unlikely to get blocked by your ISP or host.

AFAIK he my client has no limits on his server. But a few years ago he had a problem where one of the major free email providers identified his domain as a source of spam and he had to call them and clear things up. So it’s important to be careful.

If you are sending from web hosting in the USA then you shouldn’t have an ISP in Australia decide to cut off your internet based on a three month old spam report relating to a single email sent from the hosting either. As far as I can tell that particular ISP would have taken that action even if I had been using an email service. What they were providing me with was internet access and there was no connection whatever between that and the email that was incorrectly reported as spam that they used as justification for cutting off my access. The hosting provider recognised that the spam report was an error and took no action with regard to my hosting - so it was able to still send any scheduled emails during the time that my ISP cut me off from access. The action that the ISP took only affected my internet access and would not have prevented further accidental spam reports during the period they had cut me off from the internet. Whether those emails were sent from my hosting or from an email service would have made no difference to them as they obviously didn’t bother to determine where the email originated from.