Mass Email Sending

Hi, just looking for a quick bit of advice. My work have asked me to create a system to send mass emails to all of our database (8000). They don’t want to use paid services. I have contacted our webhost and they have said that we have unlimited amounts of emails in which we can send per day.

So, am I able to run the script hosted through the broswer and not be blacklisted?

The alternative is to use PHPList. Will this cause any issues? I believe this is supposed to be quite a good system. Really desperately looking for some advice. I would send an email every 4 seconds to try and prevent overloading of the system.

About a year ago I was working on an autoresponder online service (based on PHP/MySql) which was used exactly for what you mentioned. Then I talked to my hosting provider telling them I’m about to send cca 10000 emails per day through their server. I had a shard hosting plan at that time, so I was refused to do the mail campaign. I had to go for DEDICATED hosting plan. If you’re on dedicated server, I think you won’t have troubles…

Hi, thanks for your message. I thought that might be the case in which using my own dedicated server. Any suggestions on hosts? I’ve been looking at GoDaddy dedeicated servers and they seem reasonable. I think a dedicated server is probably the way forward.

I was using for a year before I went dedicated. The price/quality of service level was quite OK. Maybe you can try first a virtual private server (it’s cheaper and it may serve your needs just as good as dedicated) before you go dedicated…

What are the advantaged to a virtual server? I’m also hosting a ZenCart side on a shared host and it’s so slow, it comes and goes. Sometimes it’s fast, other times it’s slow. I think this is where I would need a dedicated server. You had any dealings with GoDaddy?

I use 1&1 dedicated hosting (not VPS). It is really nice. A whole box to oneself to do whatever. It does have the downside of more work though regarding upkeep and is more expensive - but that can be offset by hosting a lot of low traffic domains.