Is it essential to have your home url in your blog url?

I use and have two accounts: and
Which of these is best for link creation?


You want to users to land on your index/homepage <snip/>. You can link to the blog on the homepage

In my opinion, the second one is the best option…

Second one is really good and will give good SEO effects

The second one would be better for SEO, so go with that.

To all the people who say one is better than the other for SEO, please give some justification for this. Otherwise we don’t know if you’re talking sense or just repeating hearsay or making stuff up.

Search engines don’t really care what your URL structure is, as long as it is clear. They’re pretty smart about how sites are linked together, and I very much doubt they would be confused by a blog hosted on a separate platform.

That said, I would always try to keep everything on the same domain. For a start, it looks a lot more professional, it looks like you are in control of the site rather than being led by whatever tools and services you’ve chosen to use. (If your site is just a Wordpress blog, there’s less harm in having it hosted on, but when the blog is only part of your site, you want to integrate it as far as possible). It also makes it easier for people to see and understand that it is part of the same site and not a spin-off or even competing site.

It would be better if you get a home page. Such a page can show the details of your site and additional information.

There are no hard and fast rule.Just have the quality links.

Of course the second one because its not hosted on wordpress which limits many of the things you want to do.

I think second one is the better option as you will have full control on what you want to show your blog.