The importance of Hosting

I have been trying to get a hosting for my website. Actually I have a blog on Blogger and I’m thinking of buying a hosting for my website. So, is it okay if I get a hosting for my free blog or should I need to create a different website?

My first thought is to wonder why. Why do you think you should buy hosting, when you don’t seem to be at all clear how you would use it?

I’ve never used Blogger, but to the best of my knowledge you can only use it on the Blogger platform. If you choose to buy hosting elsewhere, then you would need to use an alternative, such as Wordpress. There are plenty of articles around giving instructions on migrating from Blogger to Wordpress.

Here you can consider how much maintenance you want to do (host it yourself) and purchase it from, for example, I used to work with Wordpress quite a bit, but updates and default themes are always annoying because they don’t always match.

Now that is easy for a developer to solve, but of course that does not apply to everyone.

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I want to know more about it by doing the work practically. I also want to promote my blog and reach out to many people. I am still learning as a beginner and it would be helpful if I get correct direction to work.

Having your blog on Blogger, or hosting it yourself and using Wordpress or another CMS will make little difference to the success of your blog. The most important thing is the content.

Are you using a custom domain?

Not really.
But I understand I should focus on my content and its quality first. Later I would go for any other things, as I am a beginner I’d too many curiosity regarding this.
Thank you for your help Sir.

If you think you will want to have your own domain at some point, I would advise that you set that up sooner rather than later. You don’t want to establish yourself with a Blogger URL, and then have to start again promoting a new domain and ensuring people realise it’s you.

Moving the hosting of an established site is usually less of an issue than changing the domain. You can read Google’s advice on moving here, which will let you know what would be involved:

You might also find Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide” worth reading,

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Having a good quality website hosting is important for promoting our website or product, if a person and company is doing web hosting it ensures that your website is visible to people on the internet.