Dual Home pages and dual URL's

I have never been asked to do this nor do I see the advantage of this but I have a client that wants one web site but he once it to have two home pages and one URL will go to one page, and the other go to another page. It seems to me that you should build two web sites and be done with it. Am I missing something here?

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can you provide any context as to why the client wants it this way?

The only reason I could think for something like that would be to have different landing pages which he can steer different types of traffic to in his marketing.

Aside from that… no clue.

I thin he is just wanting to seperate the two parts of his business the custom pool building and his brick and mortar store that has events, classes, and products. But like I said, he needs two sites for this. The concept posted above can not be done, as far as i know.

Well, it can be done… but is it advisable is the question.

The how is actually pretty simple. Let’s use something simple like a Wordpress install. Say one homepage is “http://www.example.com” and the other is “http://www.another.com

You could make http://www.example.com be the main site. The second homepage could be at “http://www.example.com/another”. You can have http://www.another.com point to http://www.example.com/another, but still show www.another.com. Then you just configure the site with two overlapping domain names to the same site.

However… that’s a silly approach. =p What I would recommend is you just have a landing page for the second one, which after that page points to the same site. Or, two separate sites.