Is it bad seo?

When I search in google my full domain name or description of my site as keyword in search results I get one site that looks like this:
“Search results for [here is my keyword - my domain or description of my site, or some phrase from my site]”

and below goes a list of different sites looking like seo catalogue - for seo purposes I guess.

What is this for?
Is this bad seo and if it’s can I make something about it?

Add me to the list of people that are confused and not sure what you’re saying/asking… Maybe a screenshot of what you’re describing would help…?

sounds like you might need to send them a cease and desist.

Take it easy man. There’s no obligation to answer questions here.
And for sure there’s no need to get nervous.

English is not my native language so it’s difficult for me to describe the problem clearly. But I will try once more.

I open google.
I write my domain name (for example: or description of my site (used in my meta tag) or main phrase from my site (for example my main keyword from h1 tag).
I get search result in google: list of sites.
Mine is first.
But just below (in search result) there is somebody else site which when I open it occurs that it has my domain name, description from my site, some text from my site and many, many links to different other sites which some are my competitors.

I don’t understand what you are talking about! What is the actual issue you had? Did you mean that you got some different display of your site in the search results? Or did you mean that results displayed using advanced search operators(ex: “keyword” [keyword]) worked differently?

When I put my domain name or my site description in google I get list of sites. One of this site when I open it looks like I mentioned before.

Do you mean site links? If so you can remove the ones you don’t want in Google webmaster tools.