Wrong SERP description in Google Results for My website

I have got a new query, Today i have search my Keyword “Search engine marketing UK” and its comes 2 nd page on Google UK on my website: neotericuk.co.UK , but the description it is showing is not ,what i have written in the Meta description tag of this of my website, it takes the data from the footer of this page rather than showing the Meta Description data, if is not showing the data , what we tell #Google to show according to us then what is the use of using Meta tags ? you can also see the Title contains the keywords like “Digital marketing agency” but there is nothing in the description around Digital marketing. So #Google building bad reputation for my website, because it’s a bad user experience, here is a screen short for your reference guys.

[font=calibri]The <meta description> is a suggestion to Google, but it isn’t binding. Google will use the description you’ve given if it looks relevant to the query, but will use a snippet from the page if that seems to answer the query better.

If you’re searching for “search engine marketing” then a website that comes up with the description of As one of the Leading Website Design company in LONDON AND LANCASHIRE, UK , a Website Design Agency which provide Digital Website design at cheap price, not to mention the random capitals and bad writing, looks far less relevant than Increasing the position of your website on search engines and generate hits is done through Search Engine Marketing. Neoteric UK, with its proven track record, which tells you that the website does what you’re looking for.[/font]

Steive you are right meta description is just an option for the google to show in the results. Most of the times Google automatically takes content from your web page according to the query searched by the user then show the results that does not mean it is wrong.