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Earlier on today I published a website. It appeared rather quickly in Google, so far so good. Things went south when my client emailed me, pretty annoyed, his point was that the result he was seeing wasn’t what he was expecting. And me neither. What he did was writing in the search box and in the result I could see a whole bunch of result where the description wasn’t something I expected. When using in the search box the result was closer than what I was expecting.
The bottom line being: is there something wrong in my website to make it looking so awkward in Google search when using only the website’s name. I need an explanation holding water to give back to my, so far, unhappy customer.

Here is a print screen of what I got

Whew. The mess that mark-up is in it’s a wonder Google bothers at all.

A lack of understanding about conditional comments, out-dated attributes - and more.

I guess a good a place to start as any is fixing the validation errors.

Leaving aside the coding errors, the reason you’re seeing these two different results is that you have asked Google two different questions. returns a list of those pages on that domain which Google has in its index; looks for occurrences of that search term anywhere on the Web. As your site is new and therefore not yet mentioned anywhere else, the results are all from your site. As the same text occurs on multiple pages, all those pages are being returned. is a useful search to check how much of your site is in Google’s index. Otherwise, a much more useful test would be to try searching for those search terms a potential customer might use, and see how well the site ranks for them. After all, few (if any) of them are likely to be searching for it by domain name, if it’s a new site.

If Google wouldn’t consider websites with validation errors it would be pretty empty.

See yourself:

Anyway I fixed a few of them, I still need to see if I can get a “clean” code for the 3rd party live support

I understand that I am asking 2 different questions, what I am bothering, and need to explain to my client, is the text shown in the search’s result. I tried searching this way “” and the search result was just fine, very different from

Try disabling JavaScript, and then visit your site. You’ll see this, which is being returned in search results:


Thanks for the tips TechnoBear ! Wouldn’t have thought doing this ! For the moment we removed the ProvideSupport snippet and are looking for a friendlier version.


10 days later my customer is pretty happy that his website is showing up in the search result on the 1st or 2nd page. Not too bad for a new website.

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It will go down in just a few days/weeks unless his content is good and gets updated. Google tends to put newer site closer to the top to give them an opportunity

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