Is google+1 working well for you?

Id like to find out how google+1 is working for people that tried it on their website. The big question, is google+1 working well for you? what are the results? Feel free to share any experience with google+1

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Seriously, Im looking forward to any response that has anything to do with google+1 on other sites and their experience with it. Thanks in advance!

i didn’t read all the the thread but according to question , i want share my experience with you all,

  • Gplus is one of the bets place for business promotion because Gplus make easy to contact with high profile peoples easily and with hangout feature it is now more easy to get trust.

  • G+ is more like a drink… it’s just a beginning like u remove the head…let some time go and you will see how people get irritated from it

  • logged in account makes the difference, if one of your friend +1 any website then it will show you on top in SERP when you searched with login account. And this social media feature make a huge impact on SEO, on other hand sharing link on Gplus profile is not make any difference right now, but again if someone tweet with huge followers profile will make the difference for 1 to 2 days…

Well +1’ed your self is not bad… but it is more ok if some one could do it for you. Encourage your the visitors of your site or your blog to give +1 to your content. You can’t see the immediate result but one day you will see the improvements…

I’ve been using +1 for about 4 weeks now and it works great, plus getting clicks.

Admittedly I’ve kept it updated after the re-release: Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Making the most of improvements to the +1 button

Agree with your first point and double plus agree with the second… Already seeing people selling +1s but I suppose even enough of that will cause more “need” to leverage the tool.

I’ve just been searching for information about Google +, because there seem to be two different services confused in this thread. In my search results, I came across the advert below, which rather depressingly suggests that the Google +1 button is already being abused.

Its for limited exposure only.Its like trail version.

Google+ is still far too small for there to be any real benefit to this. Nearly everyone I know who has a Google+ account rarely ever uses it, and more often than not when I am searching on Google (at work, for example) I am not logged onto my account.

Even if G+ does take off I’d be very sceptical about this as, like with many other SEO ideas, it will be abused by SEO spammers.

I agree that Google does want to personalise the experience of its search engine, to the point where it would be far harder for people to game the system. However, it’s a risky move to steer the focus of the search engine away from being algorithmic.

As Google has run a number of “human-powered experiments” over the past year or two, for example the Chrome blacklist tool, and has stated that it has looked at this data when performing the Panda update, I would think that it wouldn’t become a ranking factor as such; more a way for Google to see if its algorithms match public opinion of what makes a good website.

+1 hasn’t done anything for me. I +1’ed myself a few times and that’s it :slight_smile:

I read an article before telling about +1… +1 will helps your site to generate more traffic… If you got more +1 to your site it means that many users likes your site, blog, article or the content that you’ve posted and it will give a big impact to the Google…


How about the correlation between +1s and improved listings / validation within the “network”?

While Google+ as a social network may not be that wide spread, Google accounts are well utilized and each time someone +1s a page, it shows to any connections they may have established. Clearly you have to be in the right niche for these connections to exist – mainly an early adopter focus – but it’s quite an impact to me personally when I see a particular result “validated” by a connection.

In the long term if Google is able to build enough connections [not social engagement, just linking between users is enough] this could become very widespread and, as it’s already said that listings your network has +1’d rank higher, could change search from an aggregate system to a much more personalized one.

I think we can only judge and start comparing Google plus to facebook and twitter after it goes public. Right, now it’s popularity is limited to a few people.

It’s on my site, and the button works (people are clicking on it).

However, I work on sites with large traffic and more often than not social media has very little benefit. As everyone knows there is no real SEO benefit to using social media (until someone can prove otherwise) so outside of simply adding the buttons to the side there is very little I expect from the +1 buttons.


i think google plus is working for me on my website… my website is been shared by few of them but i don’t know why my account is been banned for the same

Thanks Madeira,

you got a point, most of the people I know whos not a member of any webmaster community but uses facebook like button does not know about Google+1 at all.

I think that facebook like became more popular since facebook is first known as the best social media website and on the other hand google is first known as the best search engine and now they created a social feature just like facebooks “Like” button.

any more thoughts are welcome.

I don’t think it’s helps. Maybe my site not really “nice” and visiting don’t like it .

I am still waiting to create an account on Google+
When would Google allow everyone to create account?

This is not what the original question relates to. You can place a +1 button on your website that allows people to show their approval of it. (The results of people clicking this button show up in search results.)

Google Plus is a new social network—so something quite different. The similarity of the names is very confusing, though.

About 3 weeks ago I added google+ codes to one of my blog, and it worked well then, but 3 or 4 days later when I checked the blog I found the button was gone, the codes were still there in the source file but nothing showed up on the page, so I deleted the code. I got the codes from DFP control panel, maybe it doesn’t work? I don’t know.

I added Google +1 to a couple of sites about a fortnight ago. One site has had nobody use the button, although several people have left positive feedback on the guest book over the same period. On the other site, just one person has clicked the button, and on such an unlikely page I suspect it was an accident!

Neither of these sites has a high volume of traffic by general Web standards, so may not be very representative, but I can’t help feeling that the average visitor doesn’t understand what the button is for. A brief survey of my non-techie friends confirms none of them has heard of Google +1.