Google+ in SEO

Google+ is becoming more popular. Will it support for SEO?? If it so means how???

Social networks, such as Google+ don’t “support SEO” nor do they have any measurable effect on search engine optimization.

ohh, it wont create backlink also???

hi friend,

Officially no were say that its impact on ranking, but it can impact in future.
it’s better to have google+1 friends least for traffic.


For now, we cannot comment on its benefits for SEO… Google plus has just opened its doors for everyone… let’s see how people are going to respond to this social networking website.

One speculation, Since its Google’s networking website… It will definitely provide a room for Internet Marketing.

Not for now, but maybe for future seo… Just enjoy adding circles of friends and hopefully it will also help bring traffic to your site just like what other social networking are giving…

I have used Google+ for social bookmarking. But didn’t got any traffic through it … But it is becoming more popular by the time. Then it may can help in ranking for SEO.

it won’t improve your page rank but can send users through referral.

Google+ if you are using the name you use on Google+ as part of your SEO strategy for natural SERPS will work towards trashing your own natural search results for your name used.

I don’t mean properly trash as in blitz your own high ranking links but I have evidence of Google+ knocking two links on to page 2 that b4 Google+ was used we’re on page 1 and now have been replaced by Google+ links.

As far as I know this only applies to names used matching up when you are using your own name on Google+ as well as in your own online marketing.

Yes of course you can manipulate your Google+ so it becomes part of said marketing strategy but really do you want Google+ instead of your own link, is that what you want?

I am presently in two minds and unless Google change the policy on making things public so my natural SERPS are not affected then I will just have to not use it.

Facebook allows me to hide things from natural search results if I choose Google+ does not

I may delete my Google+ account because of this factor!

Your thoughts? Has this happened to you?

Bear in mind the implications for being found via Google+ rather than your own link

For example advertising links

I must recommend you to read the thread and the replies to realizing the answer of your asked question.

In short it certainly has positive effect on SEO.

That’s the answer to a different question.

Google has unhelpfully (maybe even stupidly), launched two new services at about the same time, one called Google+ (a social networking site) and one called Google +1 (a ‘like’ button). Although Google wants people to link the two, they’re actually separate services doing different things.

I doubt that is an accident Stevie, the more times people post about it and keep posting about it and the differences the more both get advertised

What are Google best at?

Was it search or


How was it they make the most money again…

That thread has different question… in this thread “Google+ in SEO” and that link is “Google+ “AND” SEO”. "in and “and” are different… in this thread they discuss if Google+ could help us in doing our SEO campaign…

Google+ now are getting more popular… we cannot say that it will not benefit our site. I read an article before that it could help our site in the future… so better continue using the Google+ in our social networking campaign for our SEO.

Thanks for your reply and support…

HMM point in case me thinks Stevie (see above since I replied - Google’s master plan works).

Yawn am I awake yet it’s still early.

Just think of all those lovely Adsense Adwords ads getting displayed as people talk about Google+ and Google+1

Now that is really smart free advertising

The key element I think you’re missing here is that it’s getting a lot of mention in rather niche areas, particularly on these forums as a SEO tool (which it isn’t). One key criticism that has been given to Google+ is that it’s largely male-dominated and that it’s at best a techie’s playground for now. Despite the utter nonsense they come out with I’d still call SEO spammers tech-savy users, and G+ has no shortage of publicity in this area.

I don’t disagree with you there that Google seem to have not quite hit the markets yet and it remains niche, but imagine all the semi literate posting and the amount of ads they are generating talking about Google+ and Google+1

I don’t think Google+ has a hope in you know where of beating Facebook at the SN game tbh though.

People are totally addicted to Facebook. It has blitzed the likes of MySpace, Bebo (more a UK kid thing that one for a while) and others.

I don’t see Google+ having an impact on Facebook for a long time if at all

It is like Bing

Microsoft have no hope whatsoever of Bing being number 1 in regards t the SE’s

The name Bing does not work the same way Google does.

People are very unlikely to say “Bing that” “Bing It” “I Binged it”

People do say “Google it” “Google that” “I Googled it”.

People won’t say “Is that on Google+” whereas they do say that about Facebook.

Facebook have that market nailed. I was mentioning one of my own sites to a friend (non savvy, just an average housewife) recently and her reaction was “Is it on Facebook?”

If anyone ever says “Is that on Google+” then Google might be able to say it is a success. Personally I can’t see that happening as there really is no way to get people off Facebook

Until such time Google+ will have to rely on that Niche confusion and free advertising that they are pretty much only getting due to the Google name as nobody out there is all that interested in Google+

When I say nobody I mean nobody that counts to impact Facebook, as nobody I know outside my web things has even heard of it!

I have a theory on Bing and Alta Vista and the failed attempt by Microsoft to take over all that (I can’t post the thread as can’t post links as far as I know but there is a thread on my forum from 2008 that if you read it shows Microsoft probably didn’t plan Bing and only used the name as a back up plan.

The whole reason Windows 7 came out so quick after Vista is due to Microsoft’s plans for Alta Vista that Yahoo squashed. Windows 7 would have had a different name if the 2008 take over that would have included the 58 Alta Vista Patents had happened.

Microsoft have an excuse for coming second with Bing.

Google don’t have an excuse for this (what presently looks like) epic fail in Google+ other than Google vanity

The name does not work. It will not beat Facebook…

I won’t post my thread but here it is broken up in case anyone is interested >

ht tp:// threads/58-Microsoft-Yahoo-Alta-Vista-amp-Vista

Google+ is not affecting seo at present but it can effect seo after sometime when it become very popular like facebook, twitter social networking sites.

Again Yes it is

If I SEO for my cartoonists who have freelance sites using their own name and they join Google+ that affects SEO

It affects what appears on page 1 of Google for their name


We (the cartoonists & and I (doing their SEO) want what we want on page 1 not to hand it over to Google to use to erm I don’t know to “display ads perhaps”?

The bottom line is it does affect SEO and you are handing a SERPS link/page (two in fact) to Google rather than your site in question

Rocket science at it’s best eh!

still google plus not support for commercial use