Goolge +1's

Hi all,

I live in a small sea-side town in The UK. The theory of six degrees of separation can be reduced to about 2 here. In fact, I could generally bump into a complete stranger in the street, and you can pretty much guarantee that we have mutual facebook friends.

I also run a small local business, with everyone being a potential customer.

Now am I right in saying that if you searched for my business (taxis) online, then you would see me higher up in the search listings if a friend of yours has +1’d me on Google +? I am thinking that as everyone knows everyone else, a lot of +1’s from local people would mean that a lot of people would see these +1’s. does it have a big effect on the rankings?

Another question I have is can I run a promotion, like a prize draw at the end of the month, for people that have put a +1 on my website or google+ business page? Is that something against the terms of Google and do they see that as shadey practices and blacklist or demote me?

Thanks for any help anyone can give.

Google probably would see that as shady practice, but in any case I don’t see how you could do it. As far as I know, it’s not possible to identify who +1’d your page. One of my sites has a +1 from another site and I can’t even work out what that site is, never mind who did it. :slight_smile:

Is Goolge +1 important for ranking website or it is just like facebook like ?

People going crazy about G+ & buying packages to increase their websites +1 but i did not seen +1 as Ranking Factor .May be in the Future :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree. But I can’t understand what they are crazy about)) I couldn’t find any extraordinary things in Google+…

Of course important as its a social networking site but still in growing stage.

The google +1 button is important only if it’s genuine people that click on it. Yes, unlike the Facebook like button, the google ones will boost your website in the SERPs of that person who clicked on the Google +1 button

For example if I click on it on your website, and doing a search later on Google on a topic that your website deserves, I will see on the first page of the results page: Your website with this article. Even if normally you would rank in the last pages.

So it’s nice only if genuine users clicks on it. For example a clothing store that has this button will have most likely returning clients.

Hope it helped :wink:

Now if you clicked the +1 button, I understand that your own search engine rankings would be more favorable to my website, but am I right in saying that if your friends (people who have you in their google plus curcles) would also see my site higher than if you didn’t click it?

Yes, People in your circle too will happen to see where you voted +1 in the search results.

I believe that only applies if they have Google accounts and are logged in while searching.