How to get traffic from article submissions?

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Article submission still working? because mostly article directories are nofollow.
if article submission still working so how we can get traffic from article submission.

Article submission is the effective to way to get traffic.when you submit article and people search on related topic then you can get traffic form your article.

Try to submit in ezinearticles, you can get huge traffic if you submit quality articles.

By adding links in your articles you’ll be able to fetch more traffic at your site. You can search for some of the best article submission sites like ezinearticles etc. and submit your articles there.

Try to submit your articles to such sites as and The allows you to get quality back links which is good for your SEO and for traffic income.

Yes it works, but depends on the way you write. Before going for article submission process decide what you want to write in your article and how can you make it effective so you can get more and more visitors. Write quality and unique content and submit on relevant and high quality article directories.

If you are worried about the link being a “nofollow”, you are looking in the wrong direction. Article marketing should not be used for backlinks; your goal should be to have real people like your article enough to share it with their friends.

Google wants to rank websites that real people like and share with their friends. They base their rankings on not only links, but time spent on the site, bounce rate, load time, and of course content.

You should never worry about a link being a nofollow again. You should aim to get nofollow links in places where real people will see your site and want to visit it.

I Only Submit to One Article Directory

SEOs will argue that I should submit to several article directories to build links. If you want to do that, that’s fine, but my strategy is different.

I’m after the direct traffic that I get from the largest article directory available, which is

You can, of course, mix it up by submitting to many article directories, but you would mostly be doing that for the links, and to be honest, that isn’t really as effective as it used to be because the search engines are getting smarter.

I have tested the amount of traffic I receive from different directories and by just submitting my articles and letting them be, EzineArticles is the definite winner.

Plus, I like to keep things simple, because the more complex you make things, the more you’ll procrastinate, overwhelm yourself and in general get stuck.


We can get heavy traffic from article submission. First of all try to put unique article on high PR article sites. maximum submit 1 articles on 3 sites then after create your circle as well as increase your followers related to your theme then after you’ll get traffic and don’t forget to do social sharing of approved articles.

First choose the good articles directories and use informative content on them. Take the help of social media and do some seo for that, good articles can rank easily and if your articles are informative then people will surely read them and share to there other friends.

Article submission is very effective to get traffic in the high pr sites of article.You should put the link of your site in article and in keywords also.some article sites are:-

Please note: there are plenty of places on the net where you can find lists of article submission sites, so we don’t need any lists here, thank you.

Post your article either in only one site or maximum in 10 website with good Domain authority and page rank will increase your traffic.
Moreover, share your publish article link over the social media website and stumble it.

Article marketing still works. I would invest in a good article spinner and take time to create 4 different versions of the same article. Post them on ezinearticles, goarticles and isnare and of course your own site. These seem to be the most effective. :slight_smile:

Ewww…NO! Do NOT do that. What a waste of peoples times and a prototypical example of black hat SEO. All that approach does is create more noise for people to get through before they get to what they want, and in the end it’ll hurt you because people will start to report your links and articles as spam. In the short term, you’ll have an uptick, but it won’t result in sales, stickiness of additions to your clientele/community.

I can only see when you can get traffic from article directories is that if you are a long time writer to those sites and has a good reputation as a contributor. Other than that, it takes time and lots of effort to gain traffic especially if you are just starting. Article directories mostly don’t offer targeted traffic for new authors and most of them are considered as spam by Google.

Articles submission one of the best way to increase traffic in your website. Unique and high quality articles are helpful in driving traffic for your website and also help to develop the search engine ranking.

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