Can I tremble PHP locally on my PC?

Can I run PHP locally on my PC?
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Sorry, but what exactly do you mean by “tremble”?

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Sorry. I have the confusion


Some OS (Mac) come with PHP built-in, others (Linux) make it dead easy to install.

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You can install the various components manually, but if you’re a complete beginner, you might find it easier to start with XAMPP (for any OS).


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Personally I’d follow this: it’s much better (and even simpler to set up) than XAMPP.


Also look at WAMP server, its very easy to install and run, the only downside is that it never is up to date with the latest PHP version:

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Yes, a lot depends on what is needed.

For a beginner a “packaged” localhost server is enough to allow learning the basics.

But it will become more troublesome when it is used for developing files intended to be moved to a live site (where version, ini settings, etc may differ)

And if one is writing code intended to be used on more than their own single site then Vagrant will prove to be most beneficial.

IMHO if you can get Vagrant set-up straight away then go with it, but if you have a problem don’t let that stop you, use a packaged server.

The main thing is, get coding


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