Install centos7 minimal


I am installing centos7 minimal and have downloaded the iso and am ready to burn to DVD

What files do I choose? There are many directories and sub files


You need to burn the iso image to disc. There might be instructions available from Centos for doing this. If not, this is the Ubuntu How-To; the principal is the same.

An ISO is usually a single file of either a 32 or 64 bit variety. Could you tell us something about what you are intending to install this on, and perhaps screenshot a view of the directories/sub-directories you are looking at?

LHi Chris,

Thanks all the documentation just say either ‘present’ the dvd (assuming it is ready to go) or download the iso file and … more or less proceed from there.

I am perplexed as to which is the iso file (as my boot had trouble recognising it earlier).

Just the one iso file because it is a complete system and no doubt will fail if any files or directories are removed.

I much prefer using thumb drives mainly because the are far quicker to write and verify. CDs or DVDs I think are permanent whereas thumb drives are far better for rewriting.

Are you aware the iso just cannot be copied to a device and requires specific writing instructions?

The following article may be useful because it applies to most source operating systems.

Hi thx all

Yes, I have had non stop problems with the dvd so I went the thumb drive route and have just now succeeded.

I used fedora live to prep the usb and booting from it was a snap - my bios immediately recognized and booted from it.

I think for us newbees it is easier.

So I am going to abandon the dvd for now and launch into messing around with Centos minimal.

Thx again for all your suggestions and articles plus further offers of assistance.

Karen :slight_smile:


I’ve always found much the same with DVD’s, and always create bootable flash drives now - much easier.

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