Ubuntu Installation Help

I have the Ubuntu Desktop 9.10 install on a RW disk. When I install it, with all other boot devices, the message “No Operating System Found” shows up. Does anybody have this same problem, or know how to solve it? Thanks!

I encountered a problem installing 8.04 LS. Its not quite the same issue, but may help you out. First time I installed it it installed properly (or so I thought) but when it went to install the operating system (I call it that as I don’t remember exactly what the name of it was.) In any case all the files were installed according to the messages I was getting. But when I went to open the files the screens were blank, indicating they were empty which they in fact were.

I found out what was causing it by doing some detective work and realized that the ISO I burned on one computer did not work properly on the other! It was installing the files but not properly. To resolve the issue I burned the Ubuntu ISO on the same drive then installed it from that drive and lo and behold all the files were installed this time. Perhaps you have the same issue if you did not install the software from the same unit you originally burned the ISO on.

Hope that helps.

Could be drive problem reading the disc. Try another burn with a different burner.

You could also make a bootable usb drive.

  • Ensure you burnt the ISO image to the disc and not the iso file (the disc should have lots of files not just ubuntu-9.10.iso). :slight_smile:

Yep. I burned the .iso file to the cd, not the image. Thanks for the help!