What is next after downloading Xunbuntu?

I need a stable server. so I decide to make a server in Linux.
So I need to learn about the Linux.
This is a basic step for learning Linux.

I have prepared a computer for linux testing.
It has 2RAM and 32bit.
Since the computer is somewhat old, I have downloaded Xunbutu 32 bit at https://xubuntu.org/download#lts instead of Ubuntu or Linux mint.
Its size is 57KB only is very small compared to ubuntu-1804.3-desktop-amd64.iso 1.93GB.
The small size file is now in my thumb drive.
Now what?
It has no EXE file.

(I put the USB into the testing computer I prepared.
And power on the computer and press F1 several times.
It going to BIOS but select windows 7 only no other choise.)

Did you simply download the files to the USB drive, or did you follow the steps to create a bootable drive?


If your computer is old, are you sure it supports booting from USB?

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Hi there joon1,

assuming that your somewhat old computer is up to the task, you
may find some useful information in the following @John_Betong
thread on the subject…

Will you treat yourself to a LinuXmas this holiday?


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The file I downloaded is xubuntu-18.04.3-desktip.iso.torrent.

Oh, it is a torrent.
Since I am a stranger in torrent, I like to get the full xubuntu file.
Where can I get it?

Use one of the mirrors on the download page:

(1) I chose one of the mirrors, ie, JAPAN and downloaded “32-bit PC (i386) desktop image”.
It took sometime for downloading the ISO.
(2) I moved it to my USB.
(3) I put it into the testing computer I prepared.
(4) I powered on the testing computer and F1 key several time.
(5) It going to BIOS but the BIOS still shows WINDOWS 7 only.

I guess My computer doesn’t support booting from USB.
I think I need a CD or a new computer which support booting from USB.

The downloaded file cannot simply be “moved to the USB”.

Please read and follow @TechnoBear’s instructions in her post #2

Also ensure your BIOS is set to boot from a thumbdrive. If you do not know what startup keys are required to activate and change the BIOS then search the internet for the instructions.

After installation remember to change your BIOS back to the original settings.

Rufus, a free and open source USB stick writing tool*

What does “stick” mean?

Wiki, always good for a jargon free explanation:)

USB flash drive

A USB flash drive, also variously known as a thumb drive, pen drive, gig stick, flash stick, jump drive, disk key, disk on key, flash-drive, memory stick, USB stick or USB memory, is a data storage device that includes flash memory with an integrated USB interface. It is typically removable, rewritable and much smaller than an optical disc. Most weigh less than. Since first appearing on the market in late 2000, as with virtually all other computer memory devices, storage capacities have risen while prices have dropped., flash drives with anywhere from 8 to 256 GB are frequently sold; less frequent are 512 GB and 1 TB units. Storage capacities as large as 2 TB are planned, with steady improvements in size and price per capacity expected. Some allow up to 100,000 write/erase cycles, depending on the exact type of memory chip used, and are thought to last between 10 and 100 years under normal circumstances.Wikipedia

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I have successfully installed Xubuntu.
Thanks to all.

I have long way to go…


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