Using BitTorrent to get Linux iso is it safe?


I am in the process of moving from Windows to Liunx. Settling on centOS I tried to download the OS - a zillion versions. researched further settled on x86, DVD got Deluge to download via BitTorrent.

How long do I have to seed?

Also, is public torrenting safe? Do I need to join a private torrent to download centOS? Also, how do I know if there is malware or viruses?

The idea of downloading from someone else seems logical, but fraught with risk.

How can I get a safe download of centos6.4 DVD ( want the older version just as my text walks me through setting up a LAMP server with it. May look at a later version after)?


Why not go to the CentOS site and download it from their archive section -

I’d have thought that would be your most reliable source.

I don’t see CentOS 6.4 on there, @chrisofarabia, which is what @karentutor1 was looking for.

I’ve never used CentOS; would 6.7 be radically different from 6.4?

It’s down near the bottom of the page - there’s a link to it there.

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I went there and dove down into the “tree” link. It expands into a sub folder with a million individual links. Any suggestion on just the iso dvd download link thx?

My guess (and it is just that), would be one of the links in this folder - - they appear to be the ISO files for an x86 install. The txt file at the top should give you more info.

No again if you dig down expands into a huge tree of files… No one link. Thx


That opens a page with several links, and those options (CD, DVD) offer me files to save.

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