One page cms - is it secure?


I need a very simple editing script, and found this:

I’d like to know if it is secure since not being a coder I can’t tell.

Thank you

Well, just looking at the coding style of the script and the design of that web page, I’d simply avoid using it for those reasons alone.


I would nog use either.
Maybe your better of using a normal cms.

I would like to suggest concrete5 since you want a one page website.

Thank you both.

I found some coders don’t have great sites, and try to not discriminate by that, as for the coding styles you are a better judge.

I don’t want a one page website, I just want a very basic editing environment for a simple (few pages) html site, where to add/edit images, and maybe text, and a cms seemed to be overkill, anyhow I downloaded concrete5, and will play with it.

Maybe find somebody who can help make a small custom cms.

Or hire somebody to do so.
Take note that there areally plenty opensource systems to use.


Try this:

Thank you.

Of course, I’ve even tried doing it myself with help of tutorials around, it’s always a matter of security though.

Thanks for the suggestion I will try it for sure.

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