Adsense placement & overall layout: Comment appreciated

Any comments on the Adsense placement and overall layout of the site would be appreciated. Thanks much.

url doesn’t work for me

That’s strange. What error did you receive? It’s working fine now. Give it another shot.


I gave it another shot and it’s the same error (hit refresh of course)
Server not found

Firefox can’t find the server at

Very weird. Works great on my end, I checked the server logs and things look good, went over to Total Validator and inserted the URL and it read the page and showed me a screen shot.

Most unusual. I can’t explain why you can’t see the site.

Does the same on other browsers (ie, chrome) I want to specify I didn’t try only Firefox :slight_smile:
I’m in France at the moment and my ISP is FREE.FR if that helps, but don’t worry about it anyway…
It’s ok, not a problem there are many members here who can help you optimize ad placement.

Nicely done, well blended in.

My only concern would be the image next to the ads in the box but that sort of thing all depends on what particular reviewer is checking out your site because it’s so subjective.

@tke: Thanks. Appreciate the feedback.

I know Adsense says you cannot place thumbnail images next to the various ad links, but my thought is that one large image doesn’t seem to fit that situation and doesn’t seem to be associated with any particular link.

It’ll all come down to which Google drone reviews your ad placement (if they ever do). One might be fine with it and one might ban you from Adsense forever for it.

It’s very subjective to say the least.

You may place your adsense ads near the content and blend the color and thats will work fine for you.

I bet you would get more clicks if the adsence ads displayed were relevant to your site. I saw a lot of phone ads but not any retro phone ads except for the large amazon picture you displayed. Might want to put that amazon ad on a slide show rotating different retro phones. Also you might want to block irrelevant ads from being displayed on your site. search for retro phones there are quite a few advertisers. You have great domain name for your nitch.

Good Luck :slight_smile: