Important question - did i can trust Upload sites with my bank info and my adress

[B][CENTER]hello all

im working uploader on

i accept my earning on alertpay but i have a problem with cashout alertpay money

and im start to go good money every 10 day arround 200 dollar

they ask me to send my bank account number info and adress

can i trust them with that or not because this info so personal for me

or i have to do new credit card for accept money only ?
site name is

thanks all[/CENTER][/B]

I’m not sure if I understand you but i think you have some money in your account and they asked you for your bank info so they can transfer money to your account! if this is the case then yes you can trus them because they only can send mpney to your account and can not take any money

Never, never, never.
Why do I need any problems?

thanks alot kenmore

Of course you need to enter your bank details so that alertpay can transfer the funds… That’s ok