Been offered money for site, do I use to do the deed?

Hi all
I just got offered money to buy a blog I own. Do I use to receive the payment for the site? Thanks!

I checked out the sticky post and it appears is the way to go. Watch this space!

Hmm doing a search around the internet it appears it is a scam. Ah well, live and learn!

Flippa isn’t an escrow company. Flippa exists to put sellers in touch with buyers. If you’ve already found a buyer I don’t see the point in using Flippa.

This page on escrow options may interest you.

Thanks for the heads up, yeah I looked at that page it appears is not good for websites but escroweurope is. Unfortunately can’t use either as it was all a scam, loads of people got sent the same message via spam comments on their blogs. Luckily I never got to the stage of being ripped off! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up though, thats probably one message I haven’t received VIA my WP contact forms

I urge caution with using because it’s not all hunky-dory like everyone suggests (especially all those getting affiliate commission from If you read my caution and proceed with care there’s a good chance you can run a smooth transaction through IES (the company leasing the domain). I have.

There is an alternate “cheap” escrow in the UK called Transpact (discussed in this thread on my forums)

Failing all of those, use a lawyer to escrow the transaction! There’s no point paying Flippa for flip all.

Moneybookers used to have an escrow service (probably still do), but not particularly geared to domain sales.