Meta netwrok

I got an e-mail from meta netwrok asking me to join their netwrok

are they legit? do they pay?

i think they use the right media exchange

I would not trust just words of that person, no stories, no personal experience.

I do not present metanetwork, just wanted to share my own experience. Our company has been working with them for a long time, and we have been receiving payments properly. Yes, there were several managers changing for our account, and that may mean the company is not as stable as you would like to, however they work and pay.

We do not send lots of traffic to them now (not their fault), however when we used to, they had pretty good CPM rates for Europe, USA, Canada and some specific countries over the world.

Just my 5 cents )

I’ve been using meta for a while.

After dmx, i also joined them and so far i’ve received all the payment.
The diff is you need to send them invoice before receiving any payment.

However being a yieldmanager network, they are proned to virus injections.


I introduce you use Fastclick,Cascalemedia…etc…You can check this forum all content…

Nobody said… These companies is a SCAM…:smiley:

so you are saying meta network is a scam company and they do not pay all their members sometimes they do and sometimes they do not. and you also tried meidashakers and they do the same thing.

thanks for the info, you sound like an honest person i certainly will never try meta network and i will never try media shakers.

it would be nice if the board administrator allow this person to write in his own langauge
then we all can use google to translate what he is trying to say.

They don’t payments,in time.They don’t payment all members. As that company…They are doing same SPAM…

Someone said good,Someone said is bad.I always denied this type company…Super SCAM…:slight_smile:

They are NOT scam. They are rather popular network, we get payments from them and have not faced any problems with that. Yes, they use yieldmanager system to track impressions.

So you can join them and make some test to find out what rates you can get from them.

could you please tell us more

have you tried them and they never paid you

Now they are a scam company.