Payoneer and other online payment processors

I been using paypal for a while and today i got an e-mail from an adnetwork telling me about Payoneer and i’m just wondering if it’s worth trying. looking at their website it’s kind of confusing so is it better than paypal, they give you a debt card to use. any orher patment processors worth trying?

Hi Kenmore,

I’m Talia from Payoneer. I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about Payoneer.

Just to clarify, we aren’t a payment processor - we help companies pay their users. You didn’t mention which ad network you are working with, so I can’t give specifics, but we issue prepaid debit MasterCards and also have local bank transfers all around the world. The fees are listed on your partner’s website so you can see what they are before you sign up.

In almost every case, especially when making larger amounts (over $100), we are cheaper than others because we take flat fees, not percentages of your earnings.

Just so you know who we are, we have been making payments since 2005 and have over 1,400 partners (affiliates, freelancers, stock photographers, and more) and over 1.2 million users. We adhere to the strictest laws and standards to make sure that everything is secure.

Anyway, let me know if you have any questions you’d like me to answer.

1- what’s your monthly fees?
2- can a visitor to my site buy stuff using your service without being a customer of yours?
3- can i transfer money to my bank account in Europe knowing it’s in US dollar? if so how much do you charge?

Hi Kenmore :slight_smile:

  1. Every partner has different fees, so you would need to check with your partner. Just go to the partner’s website, click Payoneer, and the fee list is there. Generally speaking, there is a monthly fee of $3, and it goes down to $1 if you use the card 4 times or more that month, but again, it can change from partner to partner.
  2. We don’t currently do payment processing, we only distribute the payments. At the moment, therefore, you can’t place a “Payoneer” button on your site to have them pay through Payoneer. However, once you are already getting paid by one of our partners, you have an additional option open to you - private loading. Anyone can go to Payoneer’s website (they don’t need to have a Payoneer account) and enter your email address to pay you through Visa or MasterCard. US cardholders can also receive ACH transfers.
  3. We offer bank transfers all over the world. The price is up to $9.95 depending on your country (and partner, sometimes). 60 countries are in local currency, and the rest are in USD. I would need to know what country you live in to be able to tell you how much it would cost you. If the transfer is in USD, there may be an additional fee by your bank when it arrives in your bank account, but again, I would really need to know what country you are from to be able to tell you for sure.

Please let me know how else I can help you.

i’m using exoclick and their website offer little information except:

“New Payment Method:
Payoneer is now available as a payment method. Get your MasterCard for $4.95 instead of $12.95!”

so an online store owner can not be your partner? then who can be your partner other than an adnetwork? and how much do you charge your partners?

If you log in to your Exoclick account and choose Payoneer as your payment method (to receive payments), you will see a list of fees on the next page.

We can be partners with anyone, not just adnetworks. Anyone who wants to pay users all over the world. However, we only send out payments, we don’t process payments, so if you are looking for a way to have people pay you through your site, that wouldn’t be us.

I’ve been using PayPal for over 10 years. You can get a debit card from Paypal, too, and Paypal gives you cash back when you use it for purchasing off-line, if you use “credit” instead of “debit”. I’m not familiar with Payoneer, but my motto is, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” On the other hand, it never hurts to have your money in more than one place, especially these days.

paypal debt card is for US only

oops! :blush: I didn’t know that.