Illuminating keys of the keyboard!

hi all!
I have a question in mind. Some time when i am at hostel and have to share the room with a room mate. i have to work late with lights off so i was wondering what if i buy a keyboard with illuminating keys?
It would be easier for me to type in that case.
DO you agree with me?

It does sound like it would be alot easier for you - have you tried a USB light? I find them really handy for my laptop if the lighting is soft in the room I’m still able to view the keyboard! Plus it’s less straining on my eyes!

The illuminated keyboard does look quite cool though, never used one before but it would also solve your problem! In comparison to the USB light though it does seem to be more expensive at least from my own Googling just now!

Best of luck,

USB light! i never had this idea before today. Thanks for providing me with a nice alternative. I will keep it in mind.

Dare I be so cheeky as to post this icon? :lightbulb :stuck_out_tongue:

Best of luck hope it works out for you and you’re welcome :slight_smile: