If these exist really needed meta title

  1. <title>
  2. meta keywords
  3. meta description

if these exist really needed meta title?

what is the “meta title” syntax?

The <title></title> tag is not a meta tag.
If you have the meta keywords and meta description, yes the title tag is still necessary. Not only is it one more channel for search engines to find relevant keywords but it is important for usability.



when a text refers for meta title, it mean title tag or they DIFFER?

The <title> tag sometimes gets referred to as a meta tag since although it isn’t literally a <meta> tag it still contains meta data - ie. information about the page rather than information that is a part of the page itself.

It is one of the meta data tags that isn’t a <meta> tag. Another example of meta data tags that is not a <meta> tag are those <link> tags that define relationships to other pages that some browsers use to create a menu bar in the browser itself and also for attaching a favicon.

Worry about the TITLE more as the Desciption also gets “automatically” pulled from the content (make your content as relavant as possible). And…no need to populate or use that Keyword tag (don’t want your competitors to get an idea for what your page is optimized for - SEs are smart enough to figure it out themselves)…

Title tag and meta tag are totally different and there is not any meta title.
Description and keywords are the value of “name” attribute of the meta tag as well as the “content” is also attribute of this meta tag and it helps to define content for the description and keyword.