How important is Meta Title Tag?


I am little bit confused with the <meta> tags, How important is a <meta title> tag for SEO? Some say meta’s have no meaning and some says adding meta is worth. Could anyone explain me in detail?

There is no such thing as <meta name=“title” content=“…”>. The correct way to give your page a title is to use <title>…</title>

A group called Dublin Core developed a kind of microformat for metadata, whereby you could use the DC. prefix in the meta name attribute, eg <meta name=“DC.title” content=“…”>, and there were about fifteen different options, so as well as title you could have subject, language and various others. The idea was that all this metadata could be used by search engines to more accurately and more fully get all the information and details about the page. In practice, it turns out that most of the options that DC listed were either duplicating existing content (like <title> or <meta http-equiv=“content-language”>), or where generally pretty irrelevant.

As far as I am aware, no major search engines pay any attention to the DC metadata.


I think it is DC(Dublin Core) metadata element set which provides a consistent and standard approach to describing the content within your site. The DC metadata element are :-

[]Title—Name given to a resource.
]Creator—Entity that created the resource.
[]Subject—Topic of the content or resource.
]Description—Describes the content.
[]Publisher—Entity that published the content.
]Date—Date associated with the resource life cycle.
[]Format—The format of the resource.
]Language—Language used in the resource.

as an example is:-
<title>Freelance SEO services</title>
<meta NAME=“DC.Creator” content=“Sajisuja”>
<meta NAME=“DC.Title” content=“Offers freelance SEO services and Social media marketing”>
<meta NAME=“DC.Format” content=“text/html”>
<meta NAME=“DC.Language” content=“en”>

It tells everything about your webpages which helps robots to crawl easily on your site for indexing and ranking.


Thanks for your responses, but I am here not saying about <title></title> tag, I am asking about <meta name=‘title’ content=’ ’ />… Mr.Stevie D is right. But, Still I am not clear with it.


Title tag is the tag that is used in the title of your website. When user pulls the site up(browse), title will appear on the browser tab. Title is one of the most important elements of website optimization. Whenever a crawler visits your site, the first element it looks at are the web page titles. So you have to optimize your website with great page titles.



There isn’t anything called as the meta title tag. There is a meta description and a meta keywords tag. The title tag is the <title>Page title</title> tag in the head of your webpage which is a title to the contents of that page or simply name of the page.
The title tag is very important and is considered to be the second most preferred thing after the URL.

Meta tags:They are information inserted into the “head” area of your web pages. Other than the title tag, information in the head area of your web pages is not seen by those viewing your pages in browsers. Instead, meta information in this area is used to communicate information that a human visitor may not be concerned with. Meta tags, for example, can tell a browser what “character set” to use or whether a web page has self-rated itself in terms of adult content.

There are two things you may be getting mixed up with.

<title>…</title> is a mandatory part of the document head, and must be included. This gives the title to be used in the window bar, Alt+tab, bookmarks, search engines and probably other places as well.

The other thing that you may be looking at is the Dublin Core metadata. This would be <meta name=“DC.title” content=“…”>, and is one of a range of metadata that you can make available. As far as I can tell, no major search engines pay any attention to DC meta elements, although it can be used for other applications such as internal search tools. Unless you have a specific reason for using it, I would not bother.

It is the most important and compulsory tag in SEO. Because search engine reads your site just from your title first. So must add title tag in your site. To make it more beneficial, add your targeted keyword(s) in the title of your site.