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Are meta tag keywords required in html page? Or is description enough?

I get the below errors in Cynthia…

  • Failure - Document does not contain a META element with the required name: keywords or keywords does not have a ‘content’ value.
  • Failure - Document does not contain a META element with the required name: language or language does not have a ‘content’ value.


As far as I know, neither are required, but I would recommend using at least the description, as search engines will often use this in displaying search results, and it thus probably helps people to find your page. (Otherwise they’ll choose random text from the page.) How useful keywords are any more is debatable, but my understanding is that Google almost certainly ignores them now (due to people’s misuse of them), though other search engines may still take notice of them.

Although not mandatory a lot of people use them to help supply character encoding; defining character encoding within a HTML document is basically essential and using META is one way.

By the looks of those results; you have malformed syntax and if not, it’s just suggesting you define a human language. Plus supply supporting keywords for machine interrogation like search engines.

Without seeing the page or code in question it’s hard to tell what you were testing against regarding syntax.

your issues are of syntax errors here is the correct syntax

<meta name="description" content="Free Web tutorials" />
<meta name="keywords" content="HTML,CSS,XML,JavaScript" />

using Description tag is highly recommended but keywords tag is optional, it does not have any value for google but other browsers still consider it.

Description is good as it is what displays in the search results. A well defined description is key to helping potential clients clicking on your link.

AFAIK the others bear no weight on search results or SEO. It’s a good idea to set the language and charset but this can be done with .htaccess

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