Meta Title, Keywords & Description


Meta tags - Still its a myth for everyone.
Is that really worth spending time for Meta title, keywords and description?
Is that Google gives an additional weight age to the site that places meta tags?

I have also heard Google do not consider meta tags. But, in my practical experience I have seen site of same kind were the one with meta description gets more priority than the site with no meta? Why it is so?

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When you search a keyword in Google you will find the answer of your question. Google showing only that words or lines in search results which you used in your <title> and <meta name=“description” content=“description”> tags, so you can’t say like that dosen’t matter if you used that tags or not.

Google officially announced that <meta name=“keywords” content=“keywords”> tag is worthless but title and description tags still important.

That is recommended to spend time on them. If I were you I would not ignore them at all.

<title> is a required element, you have to have it, and even if you didn’t have to you’d be mad not to - it’s what appears in search results, in the title bar, in bookmarks, in social network links, etc.

<meta name=“description” content=“…”> is a very useful element to include. Most search engines, including Google, will try to use this as the “snippet” in their search results if it seems to be relevant to the search query - this is good, because you can shape that snippet to say what you want, rather than have Google take isolated words and phrases out of the content, which won’t necessarily give a clear idea what the page is about. Including a description won’t change where you are in the rankings, but it will significantly increase the chance of people clicking through to your page.

<meta name=“keywords” content=“…”> is of limited use. Google pays it no attention at all. Some other search engines do, and some don’t. Because it has been so heavily abused in the past, even those that include it in their calculations don’t give it much weight. On balance, it is usually not worth the effort, unless you know that a much higher proportion of your target audience than normal will be using search engines that pay attention to keywords.