I would love some feedback and constructive feedback on my site

I’m in the process of developing MOVEMAP www.movemap.io - a website designed to assist you in determining your ideal living location in the U.S.

Through a range of customizable filters, you can specify your preferences for your desired living area. MOVEMAP will highlight the counties that align with your defined criteria. The platform then provides you with county-specific data and allows you to delve deeper, offering information about each city upon clicking.

I would really appreciate some advice on how to improve, what to add, and some constructive criticism


Cool website !

  1. I would add something along the line: for the last presidential election voted Bidden > 70%; Bidden > 50%; Trump >70%; Trump >40%. Or is this covered by “Very progressive, etc.” ?

  2. You might consider with a NFL / NBA / MLB / NHL / MLS team within x hours

  3. Also with a skiing resort or mountain bike trails within x hours

  4. University nearby ?

It is not clear what the purpose is and what it benefits me. Add a “what’s in it for me” page. And “how-do-I-use-it” stuff. IMO

Until everyone knows your site and what if offers, you should make your index page an introductory one: what does the site offer the visitor, what can one do on the site?

I see the filters on the left but I do not see how to apply the filters. If I do not then many people will not.

Update: now I see that the filters are applied dynamically. Perhaps it would help to give a visual clue to that. Perhaps it would help to not initially show results in the right side.

You can look in the WikiPedia for various cities. They (each city) usually have demographics.

You can study Real Estate sites for ideas. They provide relevant information.

The City-Data.com site probably is your largest competitor. Warning: you might be discouraged when you see how much is there.

Also see Census Bureau Data but your head will likely start spinning around from all the data.

That would be covered by political parties, correct? The percent Republican and percent Democrat and stuff like that.

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Wow I never heard of city-data. That’s actually super encouraging. I want to take a different approach to them, but it looks like they get a crazy amount of traffic. 14 million/month, they claim…

Thanks for your input, man. Some great points, much apreciated

The majority of that is likely due to the forums. Look at the forums. There are some things I do not like about the forums. The following I think could be relevant to your question because you might consider creating forums.

They require some topics to be all in one thread. There is a thread about earthquakes in California and if anyone creates a new thread about an earthquake anywhere in California then they move it to the big one. That makes the one thread very big.

They allow people to speculate. I do not like it when I ask a question and I get much speculation. Then if I try to nicely say I do not want speculation then moderators say I am not being nice. People tend to go too far off-topic and moderators will complain if I complain. Stuff like that.

In the California forums there are subforums for cities but their choice of cities are inconsistent (sometimes they combine cities) and are not dependent on the size of the cities. Therefore they do not try to be fair and logical.

There is a huge need for maturity in forums and social media. If you know what maturity in forums looks like then there is great opportunity and a great need for that.

I really like your website! It’s definitely useful)

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