I want to tips about articals writing

hello every one:)
i want to start articals writing can any one will share me the authentic tips or articals writing as well i want to write my stories plz give me guiedness about it thanx

what language will be used for the articles?

where are you going to post the articles, on your own site or elsewhere?

You know, posting articles is rather tough, because for each site article should be unique

you are not allow the promotion of your company or product in the article body…

Hehe I’d say the first step is to use a spell checker :slight_smile:

haha seriously, though, here’s what I try to keep in mind when writing articles:

  1. I try to make my articles informative
  2. I try to write articles in a way that no one else does
  3. I try to add a wee bit of humor to my articles
  4. I try to write articles fairly quickly (less than 15 minutes a piece)
  5. I only submit articles to Ezine, ArticlesBase, GoArticles, Isnare, and PRLog. Don’t ask me why - I just think it works best.

Anyone care to object? :slight_smile:

In writing good articles, you should have a theme and purpose. Know what topic to write and express your knowledge in it. Don’t copy articles- it’s a big no no. :slight_smile:

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