Article writing software!

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how are you all…A creative writing is something that demands a professional attitude and approach… do you think does article writing software really help you in developing good articles that search engines can pick up?
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There are indeed a number of threads talking about this topic, and all with the same conclusion. (And I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that some of the contributors were marketers, not just “purist” writers.)

Integrity is the most important–and most commonly shared–character trait of the truly successful. Without Integrity, one’s Vision is faulty, so one’s goals are misguided, and even “success” in the venture fails to enrich life and increase peace.

Copywriting is, first and foremost, a function of writing. Bringing that to business–instead of the other way around–is the only truly effective course.

However little sense a generic spun article has, there is less sense when the subject is marketing.

You want a specific target reader, and specific call to action. Even “human scrapers” don’t get this.

LOL. Article marketing is not just about getting links from your resource box, it’s about getting good content that others want to link to or post on their website.

It certainly reads like it was written by someone running an article spinner.

Hey, let’s not get too prescriptive. A pen works just as well :cool: Although when people have to ask if it’s a good idea to get software that automatically writes articles for you, it’s hard to imagine they’ll ever get more than 2 out of 3…

Or who knows, maybe the OP already used the article writing software to generate that message? The joke would be on us then…

You don’t need any software to write articles. Just a pencil, a piece of paper and a brain.

If machines could write as well as (or better than) people, newsrooms all over the world would be full of robots and computers instead of human reporters and producers. Write your own stuff, or hire someone to do it. Anything less will just be a knock on your credibility.

Gladly: BANG! (just kidding!)

well if ever there is an existing software I will still make my own. Nothing beats a person who writes his own sights and thoughts.

Please shoot me, now.

If you can write your self, it’s the best option.
Anyway, article rewrite software can be good option for ones who can’t write.

well if ever there is an existing software I will still make my own. Nothing beats a person who writes his own sights and thoughts.

I write my own articles myself and I will occasionally seek help from others. But, out of curiosity one day, I went ahead and tried a couple of different article writing software programs. Wow is all I can say. I don’t know if I just tried bad programs or if the whole idea in general is just not a good one. Either way, I’ll stick to writing good quality articles and make sense myself.

Absolutely! The people who think article marketing is just a way to get links, and, therefore it doesn’t matter what kind of content you post, are just wrong.

Yes, publishing articles on directories gives you backlinks. However, you can get a ton of additional backlinks if your articles are good enough to get picked up by other people.

Plus, let’s not forget that your content is a direct reflection on you and your credibility. If you publish articles (or any other kind of content, both on site and off), readers get to see what you’re all about. It’s a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. If the content is compelling and informative, readers will take notice and have more respect for you. If the content is bad, readers will certainly notice that, too - and it gives them a great reason to go check out your competitors.

k guys i got all the points you told me thanks :slight_smile:

So far I have tested article writing software and found that it is just as much work as writing the article yourself. So it ended up using a ghost writer will be the best solution for me since I can’t really write that well.

Please do it by your self, do not trust these article writing software.

Why are you posting another let’s not write thread in a writing forum.

Why are you asking about scraper nonsense with “marketing” in your user name.

This question has been asked dozens of times. Why are you not reading and researching previous posts.

No I think if you want to submit articles then you really need to take the time to write them, if you cant do this yourself you can always hire someone to ghost write them for you.

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